How a Dad Can Bond With Baby after Birth

How a Dad Can Bond With Baby after Birth

Every once in a while when one of Daniel’s friends gets a kid, they come to Daniel and ask him, “How did you manage to develop a bond with the baby after birth.” Of course, Daniel makes it sound so simple when he narrates the story. However, Daniel and I know how hard it was for him to develop the bond within the first few months.

A baby needs to feel loved by both parents and that’s why Daniel had to develop the bond. It was much easier for me since I spent most of the time with the twins.  


Raising a baby cannot be done by a single parent unless under special circumstances. Babies love affection. What helped Daniel and I create the bond between us and Ava, Rose and Ella was that we worked in turns.

Daniel and I planned out an effective shift plan. The shifts were just random and made in a way that one of us got time to buy the groceries.


Believe it or not! Silly faces really help in developing father’s bond. Doesn’t seem like a lot of work, does it? You just have to be the funny guy in the room. For one, it helped increase the bond between Daniel and the kids. They still consider him as the bets comedian in the world. But as they grow, Daniel chose to play other exciting games like peekaboo.


If they cannot walk on their own, then consider using a baby stroller while taking a stroll together on a sunny day. These bundle of joy get excited when someone takes them outside and walks with them, it’s as if they love nature.


All kids associate games with friendship and having fun. If you have an older child, consider playing games with them. Games create an environment of fun and bonding. Just one game may influence your child’s perception of you and make them want to talk more with you.


Take a day off and spend some quality time with your baby! In fact, if they are all grown up let them know you have sacrificed your time. They will never forget what you did as they’ll always know you consider them special.

These 5 simple ways can increase your father-child bond within a few months!

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