How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby

How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby

When your baby is born, there are so many fears along with the excitement. For many couples, figuring out How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby is a big fear. Since moms may have more time with the babies if they breastfeed, it can be fearful for dads to figure out how to bond and connect with their newborn. We have come up with some of what we feel are the best ways to bond with a newborn.

Get Involved With Feedings: Even if Mom is breastfeeding, she can always pump and allow Dad to feed the baby. This helps give her a break, as well as bond with the child. If you are formula feeding, it can be even easier to accomplish. This also gives Mom a chance to sleep through the night on occasion.

Create A Bath & Bedtime Routine: Let Dad take control of bath and bedtime. Spending time giving your baby a bath, lotioning them, and helping them settle for bed time is a great time for Dad to bond. They can create a unique routine that will become a special time for them to spend together every day.

Take Naps Together: One of the most common ways Dad’s help out is by snuggling their baby while they take a nap. This often ends up with father and baby both sound asleep in a recliner, which also leads to classic pictures that will be cherished for years to come. The sound of Dad’s heartbeat is often very soothing to their baby. Naps on Daddy’s chest become a great way to bond in love.

Make Playtime Fun: Daddy is great for occupying baby while Mom does other things. Playtime includes tickling, making silly faces, playing in the swing, with toys, tummy time and more. This is a great time to establish a fun relationship and give your baby a reason to seek out Daddy for fun and even comfort.

Helping dads bond with their baby isn’t hard to do. Simply working them into daily routine will help considerably. Getting Dad involved with the basic care of your baby will help him to create a great bond with his child.

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