Being a Father to Twin Girls

Are you expecting twins? Congratulations!

Are you still in a state of shock? I was – for quite a while. The idea of being a dad to two more babies – at the same time – scared the heck out of me. This was even harder because I already had an amazing bond with my five-year-old Ava. Tons of questions bombarded me – how would I share my love? Would my relationship with Ava change? What about with my wife?

Two babies are a big deal. But, a double blessing.

When my wife was pregnant, she handled it like a champ. She never complained – that I can remember. She was also extremely excited – so was I, but a bit more scared at times. After all, now I had to make sure we could support two more people.

I kept most of my questions and concerns to myself. After all, my wife was doing the hard part! However, once they were born my questions seemed to answer themselves.

Yes, everything changed. But, in a good way.

With two more babies, there was a lot more to do, but it also meant more snuggle time, more love, more everything.

I will admit, the first few months after Ella and Rose came, my wife and I didn’t get much “alone” time. However, once we got a routine and the girls became comfortable, I can’t remember life without them. I truly believe that Ava, Ella, and Rose are what has made my wife’s and my life together even better.

I know that everyone has a different journey, but for me, twins were an amazing blessing I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. There is stress, there is worry, and there are many sleepless nights; however, they are all worth it to see the amazing little girls I have today. I am looking forward to the tea parties, painted nails and princesses coming in the future. 

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