‘General Hospital’ News: Kirsten Storms & Brandon Barash Celebrate Easter With Harper Rose – See Adorable Pics!

'General Hospital' News: Kirsten Storms & Brandon Barash Celebrate Easter With Harper Rose – See Adorable Pics!

‘General Hospital’ Kirsten Storms [Maxie Jones] and Brandon Barash [Johnny Zacchara enjoyed a beautiful sunny Easter day with their daughter Harper Rose Barash [Georgie Spinelli. Both Brandon and Kirsten shared adorable pics of their little girl with fans.

Harper Rose is such a fashionista! Dressed in a cute blue shirt that has a baby chick on it and the world “Hippy,” the little superstar was also wearing pink capris and sporting baby blue-rimmed sunglasses.

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In the photo Kirsten Storms posted ‘GH’ fans can see Brandon in the background smiling and pointing at the camera. Harper seems to be enjoying a blue-colored marshmallow Easter treat. Kirsten captioned her pic “Happy Easter! This kid tossed all of the eggs that she thought were empty. Oy.”

easter 2

Brandon shared a photo of Harper Rose looking up toward the sky, an Easter basket filled with plastic eggs on either side. Brandon Barash captioned his snapshot, “Kind of nonplussed about this whole Easter thing. What she does get is that there’s a surplus of sugary treats to be had in the house now #hippiechick.”

‘General Hospital’ viewers think it’s time for this little Hippy Chick to bring Georgie back to Port Charles. Isn’t the little blondie due for a visit with Maxie? Maybe for Mother’s Day?

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It may be several days before Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms can pry the Easter candy out of Harper Rose Barash’s hands! But what can you expect?

At two-years-old Harper understands all the excitement surrounding the Easter Bunny! Oh, and the candy! Find a good hiding place for all those sweet Easter treats Kirsten and Brandon!


  1. Linda Joslyn Ouimet says

    Kirsten thank you for sharing Harper with your fans i so enjoy watching her grow and by the way my middle name is Rose after my grandma. God bless be watching you on GH. No chocolate overload

  2. michelle says

    I think that maxie and nate should stay together and get engaged its time they become engaged they are a perfect couple they should gobto the nurses ball together thats where nate should propose to maxie

  3. carole young says

    OMG people. This daytime soaps
    Time to shake things up. Bring in Claudette to break up Maxie And Nathan. Griffin Munro is already close to breaking them Up.
    Together, Maxie /nathan are boring!!!!

    • carla says

      If these were REALRelationships, Then Maxi will probably be crazy or be in a very depressive state.nobody is ever happy longer than 15 minutes on General Hospital. It has really gotten ridiculous. When was the last time anybody was happy more than 6 months together? Leaves Maxi and Nate alone!!! My goodness. Think about it. Patrick and Robin, Lulu and Donte, Maxie and Spinnelli, Sam and Jason, and Carlie and Sonny, Carlie and Jaxx, and so on. Soaps are supposed to take you away from your own problems, and your failed relationships for one hour, and the next thing you know, you’re MORE DEPRESSED than Ever! Im still hoping ANY DAY now that Steve Burton will come back to GH and take his place with SAM and Danny. Just let him and the “new” Jason Switch Places. The new guy is ok, but they need to offer Steve Double his salary that hes getting on the other show!!! I MISS HIM!!!

  4. Jarie lloyd Brockman says

    I adore all of Harper Ross’s Easter pictures. She is so ad9table. I hope you keep posting them. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day.

  5. Charlene Fipps says


  6. Dianne Ramsey says

    It was obvious that Nik was not dead based on his son’s behavior.
    If Alexis is killed by Julian and his sister comes back to town, I’m done with GH.

  7. kathy aust says

    The REAL Maxie is perfect! Please let Nathan and Maxie be happy. A wedding, a pregnancy for Maxie and Nathan! And a wedding, a pregnancy for Sam and Jason! Time for some happy time!

  8. kathy aust says

    The REAL Maxie is perfect! Please let Nathan and Maxie be happy. A wedding, a pregnancy for Maxie and Nathan! Time for some happy time!

  9. Barbara Sullivan says

    What has happen to Kristen Storm ? Is she sick?
    We need Kristen to return. The replacement has NO
    Acting ability. So boring!

    Kristen always made you laugh and put a smile on one’s face.
    Please bring her back.


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