‘General Hospital’ News: Emme Rylan Learns To Make Homemade Playdough – Enjoys A Day With The Boys

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‘General Hospital’ Emme Rylan [Lulu Falconeri] had a little time off recently so the mom of two boys learned to make homemade playdough. Emme shared the link to the recipe as well as a photo of Levi and Jackson mugging for the camera with their newly created playdough.

Seen in the background of the snapshot is a framed quote that ends with “live more.” Emme seems to be keeping to that very nicely. The boys, whose dad is Emme’s fiancé Don Money, are growing up very quickly. Spending the day with mom making playdough must have been a lot of fun.

In the photo the boys are mugging for the camera with their red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown playdough. Emme Rylan captioned the Instagram photo, “Homemade play-doh! #springbreak #funathomewithkids #noschool I used this recipe…. http://tinkerlab.com/rainbow-play-dough/”

One ‘GH’ fan advised Emme store the store the balls of colored dough in super airtight containers as the follower’s homemade stuff tends to get moldy within two weeks. “I think mine were too wet tho,” the fan responded.

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Another person recommended that Emme Rylan add some essential oils to the homemade stuff. “Great benefits plus it smells amazing!!!” Maybe some peppermint, cinnamon, orange or lavender? Those scents sound nice. One ‘General Hospital’ fan shared a link to another homemade colored dough recipe.

Everyone was in agreement – Emme Rylan’s boys Jackson and Levi are adorable and very handsome. It seems as if Emme, Jackson and Levi enjoyed mom’s time home during spring break very much.

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