Michael Jackson’s Children To Attend Tribute

Michael Jackson's children Prince, Paris , and little Blanket JacksonMichael Jackson’s children will be attending a tribute concert dedicated to their father in Wales.
A Jackson family representative said, “Paris, Blanket and Prince have been asked to attend the MJ Tribute in Wales and they have decided to go.”

The rep adds, “They are extremely excited and they’re hoping they will have the opportunity to contribute in some way by making a speech.  Nothing has been set in stone yet for how they can help, but they really hope they can. ”

However, Jermaine and Randy Jackson do not support the decision. They feeling the the timing of the tribute inappropriate.

“We find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael’s death.”


  1. says

    This Tribute concert started off on the wrong foot with a very convoluted ticket pricing. This is another Tribute that’s taking a shot at capitalizing on Michael Jackson’ s death without any shame. The trial is still going on, and as a diehard fan I’d say Justice before profits. What’s the matter with the Jackson Family?
    They have become a runaway train, how can we trust them at this point? Even a tick stop feeding off you when you’re dead. Joe Jackson has recently teamed up with a professional crook Julian Rouas to exploit Michael’ s image with a new line of cheesy perfumes. Please Read:


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