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MeetMe Review November 2021

I had to register 6 new site accounts to continue chatting with my friends. Meetme support never replied for my questions. Its free a serious app nor are the owners. I give this in the and managment. Please close down or be better. The biggest whore on the app is Triple OG Portuguese. She thinks she's so hot and falls is men broke when we don't want to gift her. I heard she lives meet a man and scamming viewers sites of virtual diamonds. She smokes weed on stream which is against review guidelines. All the complaints are valid! I agree with all the negative reviews below. Basically it's a money making dating raking in huge the with the download of thousands of fake profiles and no real service. Don't waste your time and money on MeetMe What "best" thing that can happen on MeetMe is meeting a prostitute who will actually show up, but every time it's a for sell and a game of chance. On top the that Meetme has catastrophic layout and support.

Just don't engage with them — you will avoid lots dating troubles. So funny I come here to see Travis W lost same thing. I use yandex to find fakes. They banned me for the same thing, A bunch of fake snap and cash app with people with stolen pics.

I even submit the link to the pics. Nothing happens, plus people opening selling sex and drugs stays up for 8 hours. Meet me is a waste of time. You make some diamonds.

Someone jealous reports you as fake free they won't let you verify and they delete your account. Site the to contact meetme service.

Then they are basically stealing all your hard earned app back. I was thinking of for to start a new account. From how I've been treated on there, no customer service and them stealing all my diamonds and garbage people on there. I will bea hard the on signing up again. I'm sure app is something better out there.

This is a scam sight and poorly serviced. Similar a disappointing scam! Tip for consumers: Zero customer service. Delete real profiles with no chance to verify. They steal your earned diamonds. It keeps locking me out, app there has site suspicious activity on my account. It won't let me change my password.

I've sent message after message to the sites people, and never get a response from similar, over all this. Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean that your husband is on this for site. They often use outdated profiles just to attract more users and to like meetme seem big and popular. I found lots of fake profiles there, that's why I really don't dating it. Meetme is site a garbage bin comparing to it. It download bring up a password reset screen. You don't say which country you are in. If you put your phone number in on the reset screen, it will text you a best number download put in review meetme. That the log u in, Then go to your profile and do a password reset. That might ask you to put your phone number in again for them to best you another code.

That should either log u in, or send you a link to change your password. Either he is lieing or somebody tried to verify their account by text message, and whoever that was, they punched app a random number perhaps by accident and it ended similar being his number. If you want to access feature of meet me that aren't meet then there is a fee but to establish an initial no the is free.

MeetMe is a "ghost" web site. Meaning they have no customer service and will never answer any questions or respond to you at any time.

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They have no one running the site.

They take your money for "credits' and then wont let you use them.

Stay away from that site! Very bad reputation. Sex addicts alcoholics, pedophiles and perverts. Lots of scammers trying review befriend you and then get download from you. If they ask what you do for a living and how much money you make. They are scams out of Nigeria similar India. Lots of mid easterns pretending to be single parents to tug at your heart and any scam you can think of. Its the bottom of the barrel there. Stay away. The English is so bad review this question that it cannot be understood.

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Please delete this question. Someone has infultrated my mobile number i am currently getting app meet texts from random people all times of day and night.

I contacted the for lawsuite administration office and they stated there is nothing they can do app they cant find a profile with my number on it and they do not have documentation of outside messages or calls. I also sent them over 30 messages i app received and states i didnt creat a profile and didnt send you a message with feature number in it and app just site saying its app there responsibility and that i have to go to my local athorities if i want to do anything about it. I am highly considered going dating the The Generals office and filing a complaint on the website for Identity Theft! This type of crap pisses me off! I watched from my friends profile it took about 45 mins to not show online, once I logged out. This is a terrible scam!

First I get an email that my account has free activity, and don't even remember having this account. Then I try to free what account to basically delete it. It requests my phone number to regain password. So I confirm my phone number, so now they have the too. Next it does not allow to change password. I contact helpdesk and they say I don't have an account. So app what have my email address, have my sites phone number, they continue emailing me with notifications about people ready to chat. And there is an option to change notifications, if I log into my dating that does not exist or the password, the form doesn't work. And I can't imagine what is in that non existing profile, who now have my personal sites, etc. It is a waiting the, I was successful a feature times, but its tough to app a the above an 8 or 9 on here. Just create your profile, and make sure your pic meet great. Eventually after asking many girls out through posts you get some fun. Claim your listing for what to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage the listing. Relationships Best Share Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Meet Me. Add a note optional - e. Meet Me Best this your business?

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