The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Sheila’s Post Christmas Gifts Drops – Steffy And Finn Shocked By Surprise

The Bold And The Beautiful: Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown)

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers document that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) ominously stood in front of a building after avoiding capture by the Los Angeles Police Department. Her latest escape is teased to be followed by an unwanted entry into the cliff house.

Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is beside herself now that Sheila has not only been confirmed as alive but is also on the loose in LA. John Finn Finnegan’s (Tanner Novlan) insight enabled his wife to be alerted to Sheila’s latest death hoax. That happened just before Steffy encountered her mother-in-law and attempted murderer outside Il Giardino’s restrooms.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – High-Speed Car Chase In California

Sheila’s high-speed avoidance of the police officer Deputy Chief Bradley Baker (Dan Martin) was in contact with added to the legend of Brown’s character. Of course, viewers recall Sheila chasing Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda) through to a car crash.

The believable avoidance of capture is understood by anyone who has been part of the traffic in modern times. Those who have specific experience with LA traffic know how difficult it was for the officer to try to reach her vehicle and the believability of Sheila getting away.

The chase sets up the next chapter in a likely endless book of Sheila lore.

The Bold And The Beautiful Updates – Finnegan Family Christmas Season

Finn does not know that his birth mother was inside the cliff house, holding Hayes Forrester Finnegan (Iliana and Vienna Norris), while he took a work call on his smartphone this fall. Fans rightly believed that the scenario, as opposed to the car chase, was not as believable.

The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

However, Sheila is both bold and cunning. She visited the cliff house on two occasions, with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) preempting her first attempted entry.

Even with Sheila freely roaming the streets, Steffy and Finn did not think Sheila would come into their home and confront them. Yet, she is teased to do exactly that.

Sheila Carter Has A Two-Step Plan

Teasers indicate that Sheila enters the cliff house and makes contact with Finn and Steffy during the week of December 26. She intends to make peace with Novlan’s character.

However, Sheila has repeatedly stated that she will not return to jail. So, she also has another escape plan in mind while attempting to negotiate with Finn.

Fans do not want to see Steffy or Finn harmed. But hardcore fans wonder if Sheila will take Hayes, Kelly Spencer (Remington Blaire Evans), or both children as part of a ploy to realize the outcome she demands on B&B.

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