7 Degrees And Falling But Nothing Stops Unicorn Ember Roloff

Ember Roloff

Ember Roloff and her little brothers, Bode and Radley live in a beautiful rural area on a farm. In fact, Little People Big World (LPBW) fans might think she’s the luckiest kid in the world. Her mom, Audrey, and her dad seem like sweet and dedicated parents. Plus, TLC fans agree that she’s an adorably pretty child. However, there are more than just pretty things and places to explore for her. Wearing her little unicorn outfit, nothing will stop her from doing her favorite thing: not even when the temperature’s minus 7 and falling.

Ember Roloff Loves Living On The Farm

Little People Big World fans who follow Audrey found out that finally, Jeremy found the small farm that he wanted. In the Hillsboro area of Oregon, they have a lovely home and Jeremy spent a lot of time and effort fixing up their house. It’s special for Audrey because within sight of the house, is the trestle where Jermey proposed to her.  Then of course. there are the trains that run close by, which the kids seem to enjoy. Additionally, plenty of photos come from Jeremy, showing Ember and Bode playing in the fields while he works.

Ember Roloff certainly doesn’t seem to be an indoors sort of child, and she’s often outside. Mind you if she tires of that, she can always return to her beautifully decorated bedroom. Audrey keeps it tidy and there’s a little tepee in the corner. From the windows, she can look out over farmlands. It’s a dream life and LPBW fans agree that even if they don’t feel too fond of her mom, Audrey and Jeremy seem to be good parents who do not stint on meeting their needs. And this week, she needed to be a unicorn out in the cold weather.

Ember Roloff Enjoys The Current Cold In Oregon

With weather warnings about freezing rain, cold, and power outages, it looks like Oregon is set for a freezing-cold Christmas. But, that’s not bothering Ember Roloff. Actually, when her mom shared her story, it looked cold and windy at the farmhouse. But soon. it got a lot colder and like so many others, the power went off! Not bothered, Ember insisted on going outside in her unicorn outfit to watch the trains go by.

Minus 7 And Falling But Nothing Stops Unicorn Ember Roloff
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

Writing about Ember Roloff, her mom said, “Dedication to watching the train, It’s 7 degrees here with wind chill right now.” Okay, there are much colder places across the USA right now. But still, when her dad made a nice warm fire inside, it takes a bit of courage to brave the cold. When the power came back on, her mom seemed very happy. That’s because they planned to cook up some steam with “pie, bread, [and] soup.” Actually, that sounded perfect!

Pretty Cool Christmas

Ember Roloff will probably love the pretty winter scenery this Christmas because she can go into a nice warm house with food on the table. Other kids might be a lot less fortunate. With forecasts predicting a high of 0 degrees, hopefully, everyone stays safe in Oregon.

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