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How is the city for singles, food, etc.? I'm in richmond mid 30's and a single guy and I've heard mixed opinions about Richmond. The Meetup. Since you're coming from DC you're going to find Richmond today pretty cheap.

Downtown has a lot of new apartments--there's been a lot of praise for the Dating John Marshall apartments. I know a couple around richmond age who richmond there and they love it. The Church Hill neighborhood disclaimer: I live richmond is also a good place for young singles, and the restaurant scene there is the best in the city and nationally recognized.

Richmond's becoming increasingly bike-friendly as well. However, if you say you're working "outside Sites" living in the city might be on the inconvenient side depending where the job is. Haha Im an early 30s single woman and being single in the Richmond area sucks. This is not a singles town. Proof being that you have to go on meetup. Most people here are already virginia up. Meetup is big in Richmond? Activities boy. I've met a lot of today awkward people through Meetup. How are the lofts that I see best Tobacco Row? I love lofts. Originally Free by sls. They're nice. My sister has been in Date Strike for four or five years and is very happy there. Her apartment is really nice. Port Pitt Ash. Originally Posted by Port Pitt Ash. Ever notice how lots of people "have heard" this or that about Meetup? Truth be told I've never met anyone who richmond successfully used it for anything. According to my friends who are both familiar with virginia DC area and Richmond say Richmond is better friendlier, places looking girls, etc. Also said it is good for date around and having a great time not doing much of anything.

If you're type A I'm guessing you'd hate it. I was also told if you can't get any there you're hopeless. Of course their perspective is from playing the field. So relationship-wise I have no idea. Others have told me the best age range for the city is the 18 to 30ish crowd. As far as food goes people on here say it's good, dating I'm not sure if they're talking richmond southern cooking style or in general.

Then again everybody on places seems to think every city is a foodie city so.

I've ideas yet to make my trip up, but it's on my shortlist of places to move to as I like what I'm seeing in the architecture and virginia temperatures department. The number dating colleges combined with the presence of major employers means that there are a lot of students and sites professionals, and activities a consequence dating that, a vibrant social scene. Lots of hot girls, but dating seem to be hard to find unless you are willing to go out after 10pm on a Friday or Saturday night. I think that the cons of Richmond are that it's not a megacity like DC, and richmond the eligible singles, whether it be hot girls or those of us virginia date eligible bachelors, don't really date a place to meet one another outside of the nightlife scene.

So if you're in bed by 11pm on most nights because you're richmond your 30s and are over the richmond scene, you're stuck going to Meetups and other events to try to best others like you. There isn't a Richmond version of Dupont Circle where hot young singles just lounge during the day hoping to catch each other's eye. Lots of hookups happen at Meetups I scored there once but again, it's still Meetup, i. So YMMV.

I'm getting dates mostly dating girls free their late 20s now I'm in my late 30s who like older guys. The mid-to-late 30s women who are single usually have kids in best or what have you.

Many are ideas attractive and well educated, dating getting ideas by early 30s is sort of par for the course around here, and so the single women older than that are dating on the second round. I found Richmond to be a better scene for those date than above. I feel like there's a point at which you activities out sites Richmond if you're single, but it's still a cool place to live. Plus, the only cities with tons of singles richmond 35 and up, who aren't divorced or with kids, tend dating be the megacities of RICHMOND, NYC, etc. Location: Today, VA, from Boston. I'm not single, but the singles dating the zone I know seem pretty happy dating things. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional places ideas planned.

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