Sister Wives: Another Family Member Has Become As Self-Centered As Kody Brown

Kody Brown

It’s a well-known fact to fans of TLC’s “Sister Wives” and its viewers that the Brown patriarch Kody is self-centered. With the way he only cares about himself and less about his wives and children— except Robyn Brown who is now the only wife on his side— it is visible to all and sundry that Kody is selfish.

With that in mind, it seems another family member is toeing in Kody’s footsteps and if care is not taken, this person will surpass Kody and win the title of the most selfish family member. The person in question is none other than Mykelti Brown.

It’s no longer news how Mykelti has been doing her best to seek attention and validation from her father Kody and Robyn. Mind you, Mykelti, 27, is Christine’s second daughter who she shares with Kody.

While it’s well known that when it comes to being a father, Kody is lacking in that area, especially with his older children. It is also public knowledge that there is absolutely no love lost between Christine and her former sister wife Robyn.

With this in view, fans find it difficult to understand why Mykelti is trying to get Kody and Robyn on her side by all means regardless of how it’ll make her mother feel.

Sister Wives — Why Fans Think Mykelti Is ‘A HUGE Kiss A**’

First of all, for clarity purposes, before Kody began courting Robyn, Mykelti was a nanny to Robyn’s three children whom she shares with her ex-husband.

Mykelti Brown

It can be argued that some sort of bond was formed between them during that period hence their so-called closeness. However, after Kody married Robyn, things changed in the family.

It became known that Kody favored Robyn more than his other former wives. It also affected Kody’s relationship with all his children except the ones he shares with Robyn.

In “Sister Wives” season 17, Christine who has had enough of the whole thing left her spiritual marriage with Kody and moved to Utah.

Amid all the happenings in the polygamous family, it seems Mykelti cares only about herself, and here’s why. During “Sister Wives” season 18 episode 12, Christine celebrated her 50th birthday however, while the celebration was going on Mykelti chose that moment to announce that she was pregnant.

The manner in which she was rushing to make the announcement sent out red flags mostly because she tried all she could to make sure she had Kody and Robyn’s attention.

Somehow, the scene found its way to Reddit and a fan who feels Mykelti’s action was done on purpose wrote that she, “purposefully rubs [her relationship with Robyn in]…Christine’s face. Mykelti is not sensitive to Christine’s feelings at all. She just does things impulsively and blurts things out without thinking. So maybe it is a test to see if Christine loves her or something.”

Another wrote, “I get that she probably didn’t get much attention as a child but she’s really coming off as a HUGE kiss a** to Robyn and Kody and there is NO DOUBT she’s playing both sides.”

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