Why Is Little People Big World Jackson A Bit Jealous Of Josiah Roloff?

Jackson Roloff

Josiah Roloff is just over a year old and he’s a cute little boy like his big brother Jackson at the same age. But why is the older boy a tiny bit jealous of the kid?

Their mom, Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff shared some news on social media, and it involved both of her sons.

Josiah Roloff Meets His Milestones

At last, Tori’s baby boy celebrated his first birthday, and several months later, he took his first steps. In her Instagram post about it, she revealed that it happened when they went to the soccer club.

All of the family seem to spend a lot of time there because Zach and his son Jackson, play the game. Soon, her youngest child might start trying to kick a ball around.

But for now, the toddler tends to stay home with his mom a lot of the time.

Because Josiah Roloff doesn’t go to school like his brother, Jackson, it doesn’t really matter how his mom dresses him.

Notably, Jackson is the coolest kid on the block with his style and his snappy haircut. And that’s the problem.

He can’t let his moms style his hair like she does with the baby. What happened to make Jackson feel a bit left out? Might he get lucky once school is out again?

Jackson Wants Josiah Roloff’s Hairstyle

On Monday this week, Tori posted up a series of reels on her Instagram Stories. In them, she revealed her youngest con had a bit of a  mohawk.

In one photo, he didn’t look too happy about life. But, another one showed him outside with Murphy the dog, who photobombed the shot.

In another caption, Tori pointed out that Jackson had something to say.

Is Jackson A Bit Jealous Of Josiah Roloff
Tori Roloff / Instagram

After seeing Josiah Roloff at “breakfast,” Tori said that Jackson asked her, “Why does Josiah get to have a mohawk and he doesn’t.” The Little People Big World star thought it sounded funny and she expressed that by using a lot of laughing emojis. In yet another part of the reel, she said that she left the mohawk on her baby boy “the whole day.”

A Mohawk Trend?

Josiah Roloff and his mom might have started a mohawk trend. Imagine if Lilah starts asking for one as well.

While it might be hilarious to see them styled that way, their teachers might object a bit. Would you like to see Jackson get his hair styled the same way as his brother?

Maybe, one day, on a day when there’s else on the go, she’ll make it happen for him. Let us know what you think in the comments below

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