Josiah Roloff Celebrates The Last Night Of Summer With A Massive Milestone

Josiah Roloff

Josiah Roloff arrived in May last year, and he’s slowly but surely meeting his milestones. His latest one came on the last night of summer and it’s a massive step forward.

Tori got very excited about it and she let her Little People, Big World fans know about it in her stories.

Josiah Roloff Is 15 Months Old And Meeting Milestones

Tori’s third baby wasn’t an easy child to raise. Initially, he cried a lot. In fact, even the hospital stay was awful for his mom.

After the birth, she had lots of pain from the C-Section. So much so, that she might not have another child.

When she took him home, fans saw on the TLC show that his poor sleeping pattern and a lot of crying really stressed out his mom.

Fortunately, he got over that stage and nowadays he seems to be very cute.

Josiah Roloff turned one, and the photos that his mom shared with LPBW fans were too cute. He was dressed up like a little cowboy.

Fans had seen that he could sit up by himself much sooner than his big sister, Lilah. Additionally, he could stand up if he had something to hang onto.

In July, his mom won the Binky War. But, he still could not walk.

Josiah Roloff Walks Unaided For The First Time

For a long time, people wondered if the cute kid might be able to walk when nobody was looking. Even his mom wondered how he could climb things and multitask, but not walk yet.

At the time, we promised our readers that we would let them know when he took his first unaided steps.

On August 29, Tori took her Instagram Stories and shared the wonderful news that her baby boy can walk all by himself.

Josiah Roloff Celebrates The Last Day Of Summer With A Massive Milestone
@Toriroloff / Instagram Stories

Josiah Roloff stood cuddled by his mom and in the video, she put him down. He took off so fast, that Tori had to scramble to catch up with him.

Actually, she looked so happy and her face lit up with joy. In her caption, she said, “The last night of summer, my baby took his first step!!!”

Then she told her followers where it happened. And, it seemed very “fitting for the Roloff family.” In fact, they were at “soccer practice.”

Will The youngest Child Play Soccer?

LPBW fans are well aware that Zach plays soccer and he coaches the game. Meanwhile,  young Jackson has played it almost since he could kick a ball.

No doubt, Josiah Roloff will also play the game when he gets a bit older.

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