Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Gwen Believes Dimitri Is Cheating, Turns To Kristen & Leo For “Help”

Days Of Our Lives: Gwen von Leuschner (Emily O’Brien) and Dimitri Von Leuschner (Peter Porte)

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers suggest that Gwen von Leuschner (Emily O’Brien) could finally put two-and-two together and realize hubby Dimitri Von Leuschner (Peter Porte) isn’t being faithful. However, will she turn to the wrong people to confirm her suspicions?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Gwen Von Leuschner’s Besties Are Betraying Her

Days spoilers hint that Leo Stark (Greg Rikkart) will be caught off guard by something Gweny says. There’s a good chance Gwen starts to suspect that Dimitri is cheating, but she won’t have the proof around the who, when, and where.

It’s highly unlikely she catches Leo and Dimitri in the act, or else she’d likely confront both of them, together.

However, if Gwen has suspicions, she’ll turn to Leo for help but added DOOL teasers for the week of September 18th also indicate that she’ll ask Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) for assistance with something.

Kristen may not be her BFF, but the two are friends, and Gwen knows she can trust her.

Days Of Our Lives: Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk)

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Will Leo Or Kristen Fess Up?

Gwen may be turning to her two closest friends in Salem; however, neither Kristen nor Leo have been the best of friends to her and likely will work to continue to cover her eyes when it comes to Dimitri.

Both have too much to lose. Leo is in love with the von Leuschner and wants to see him gain his inheritance, while Kristen, too, wants to see her nephew gain access to his money since she’ll be getting a piece of the pie.

As they are unsure how she’d react if she found out the truth, it’s highly unlikely that Ms. DiMera or Mr. Stark will come clean to Gwen, which will hurt that much more when the truth comes out.

There are rumors that Ms. von Leuschner will be leaving Salem soon, as actress Emily O’Brien could step into the Theresa Donovan role.

If she finds out she’s been cheated on, where Leo and Kristen were both involved in the cover-up, she’d probably up and leave town, in an instant.

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