The Little Couple: Jen Arnold’s Family Braces For Hurricane Lee

Jen Arnold

The Little Couple family survived the visitation of hurricanes in the past because they lived in Florida. Of course, the state regularly gets battered by terrible weather in summer.

Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and the kids, Will and Zoey are not strangers to the devastation that big storms can wreak.

On September 11, Jen shared the news that Boston was probably in the path of Hurricane Lee.

The Little Couple – Boston Has Changeable Weather

Anywhere situated near a coast experience nature’s extremes from time to time. It often seems incredible that hot, drowsy, balmy days can ever end.

But then, something happens and the weather brings in the blustery wind, squalls, and sometimes, hurricanes.

It’s not that long ago, that the Klein family spent days out on the beaches with their relatives. There wasn’t even a hint of the storm to come.

The Little Couple family used to live in St. Peterberg in Flordia and occasionally they visit the place. Obviously, they would do that because her parents still live in the state.

Plus they catch up with their friends in the area. Mostly, they stay in Boston and big storms like Hurricane Idalia seem less frequent than further south.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold & Her Family Brace For Hurricane Lee

While watching the news on TV, Jen saw that “Boston [is] in the path of Hurricane Lee.” Obviously, that’s not wonderful news for anyone. In her caption, she told her TLC fans, “I have been called a hurricane 🌀 magnet all my life… why should things change? Here’s hoping everyone stays safe & Lee doesn’t know where I am.” Additionally, she tagged @cbseveningnews.

The Little Couple Family Braces For Hurricane Lee
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple fans all hoped that everyone would stay safe. People know that the giant storms seem to somehow get worse with each passing year.

Since the former TLC star posted her reaction to the news about Hurricane Lee, reported that the storm damaged parts of suburban Boston.

The outlet wrote, “Strong storms blew through the Boston area, taking down trees and power lines in a Boston suburb.”

TLC Fans React In The Comments

The Little Couple fans spoke out about the anticipated hurricane. One of them wrote, “Oh great Jen! You drew a hurricane (sic) to us 😂.”

Meanwhile, another follower said, “Praying that you and your family stay safe, and Hurricane Lee doesn’t cross your path, Jen! 🌀🙏❤️.”

More comments followed like this one: “Those hurricanes follow you everywhere!!”

At the same time, another commenter felt that “Things are very strange in MA this summer.”

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