The Little Couple: Dr. Jen Arnold Says Will Is In A Hospital

Dr. Jen Arnold

The Little Couple fans still follow Dr. Jen Arnold on social media although it’s been years since TLC canned the show.

Now, she revealed that Will Klein, her adopted son is in a hospital. Is he going to be okay? Read on to find out what’s happening with the teenager.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Updates On Will and Zoey

When the family moved to Boston, it didn’t take them long to settle in, despite it being winter. But possibly, they missed the warmer weather of Florida.

Soon, photos started arriving and Jen told her followers that she had taken a new job there. As they just enjoyed a lot of fun in summer, it seems a bit scary that Will is in the hospital right now, TLC fans are well aware that people with dwarfism often end up needing medical intervention.

The Little Couple dad, Bill Klein recently had to go for a lot of scans. It meant traveling to New York at one stage. Apparently, he suffered from something that was affecting his back.

Meanwhile, Little People, Big World star, Zach Roloff recently had to get a shunt adjusted in his head. And, his dad Matt suffered many surgeries as a kid. So, what i happening with Will?

The Little Couple: Will Klein Goes To A Hospital

Will’s mom posted a photo on Instagram of her son inside a medical facility. In her geo-tag, she revealed he was in a room at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Of course, most fans of the TLC show who follow her on social media, know that she works there. In the photo, Will Klein smiled and looked totally happy with life In fact, he didn’t look even vaguely sick. So, what was he doing there?

The Little Couple Dr Jen Arnold Says Will Is In A Hospital
@jenarnoldmd / Instagram

The Little Couple mom said in her caption, “It’s been awhile, but it’s #sleepstudy time again. Always so proud of how well this guy handles these overnight studies in the hospital.” 

Clearly, Will is not sick and it looks like he participates in a study about Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

That’s because, in her hashtags, she added, “#proudmom #OSA #sleep @reallybillklein #skeletaldysplasia #lpp #littlecouple.”

Unfortunately, nobody commented yet, but as he’s a popular teenager, fans will probably show up soon.

Is Sleep Apnea a Problem For Little People?

The Little Couple fans might be interested to know that anyone of any size might struggle with sleep apnea.

Usually, it affects more women than men. The John Hopkins Hospital noted that it “occurs in about 3 percent of normal weight individuals but affects over 20 percent of obese people.” However, according to Biomedcentral in Norway, “There’s a high prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children with achondroplasia.” So, it seems that for kids like Will and Zoe Klein, it’s more of a problem for them than for average-sized kids.

What do you think of Will volunteering for a sleep study? Let us know in the comments below.

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