Carlin Bates Shares Sweet Video That Gets Fans Crying

Carlin Bates

Carlin Bates and her husband Evan are no longer on Bringing Up Bates which was canceled by UPtv. However, they keep their followers informed about the family.

Often, she shares sweet videos or photos of Layla and her brother Zade. But this week, she shared one that was so sweet, that it made people cry.

Carlin Bates Shares Cute Photos Of The Kids

Although Layla had some complications as a baby, her mom went for it and had another child. Her boy’s name is Zade and they are both very cute.

Unfortunately, their mom got very ill and suffered terrifying seizures after Zade’s arrival. However, medical professionals seem to have gotten it sorted out.

So, she can now enjoy her two adorable children. In May, she was thrilled to share that Zade took his first steps.

Carlin Bates shares so many cute things about the kids. Right from the start, her daughter Layla was very sweet with her little brother.

She seemed to be fascinated by his hair. Sometimes, she would rock him to sleep while singing a song.

Well, she; about three now and she’s still as sweet and cute as ever. In fact, her dad calls her is little “Princess.”

Carlin Bates’ Video Makes People Cry

This week, the former UPtv star took to Instagram and shared a video of Evan and his daughter dancing. She put on some music and now everyone wants to play it at their wedding.

But before he danced, Layla ran into the sitting room and showed off her dress to her dad. Then, very sweetly, she asked him if he would “dance” with her.

Next, she asked, “Will you hold me and spin really fast?” Of course, her dad couldn’t resist that, so they danced for a while.

Carlin Bates Shares Sweet Video That Gets Fans Crying
@carlinbates98 / Instagram

Carlin Bates wrote in her caption, “But the end 😭😭😭 She comes in every day to see if daddy approves of her princess dress, and then this happened 💃🏼 They have the sweetest relationship.” What happened at the end? Well, Evan Bowed to his daughter and she courtesied. So, it made his wife tearful.

The Bow At The End Made Carlin Cry

The Bringing Up Bates alum said that on Layla’s “wedding day,” they will play it back to her.

Family And Friends Are In tears

Carlin Bates got lots of people in tears. Her mom said, “Oh my stars I’m tearing up! This is the sweetest memory!! Precious!!”

Meanwhile, one fan said, “Well I’m ugly crying. Those two together are just ❤️.”

Others agreed that it was so sweet and very moving. Here’s another comment, “This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! 😍😍.”

Jill Dillard from Counting On said, “Oh my word so sweet!!”

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