OutDaughtered: Getting All The Busby Girls In One Selfie Is No Easy Task

OutDaughtered: Getting All The Busby Girls In One Selfie Is No Easy Task

OutDaughtered Season 9 premiered last week, and Adam and Danielle Busby started posting more on their social media. Adam’s usually regular with his posts, but these days, Danielle tends to share more about her business, Graeson Bee. But now she shared a photo of herself trying to get a selfie with all six girls, and clearly, it’s not an easy task.

OutDaughtered: Season 9 Spoilers Of The Busby Family

The teasers for the show revealed that Blayke is now in middle school and her mom embarrassed her about being interested in boys. She’s 12 years old now, and less interested in hanging with her little sisters. Plus, Danielle got a bit grumpy because she also seems to avoid helping out with chores in the home. But in her latest photo, she looked happy to be with her pre-teen daughter.

OutDaughtered spoilers also suggest that fans will hear more about Hazel, the red-headed quint. It has to do with her eyesight and the possibility that she might have to go for corrective surgery. Recently Adam has been thinking about how time went by so fast. So, he shared a reel that shows a much younger Hazel riding on the robotic floor cleaner. Plus, on July 14, he posted a photo of all the girls and remembered those toddler years. Danielle also shared a photo and they were both taken in New York City.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby Tries To Take A Selfie

The family has been at Central Park in New York and perhaps when Danielle tried to fit all of her kids in a selfie with her, that’s where they were. After all, they all lay down on the grass. By putting their heads together, she could fit in all of their faces. In her caption, she said, “Just a Mama and her girlies trying to take a selfie 🤳🏻.” Judging by the happy faces of the quints, everyone enjoyed the joke.

OutDaughtered Getting All The Busby Girls In One Selfie Is No Easy Task
Danielle Busby / Instagram

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby also joked about the selfie. He said in the comments, “And a daddy capturing a photo of a mommy trying to take a selfie with her girlies, that rarely gets in photos😂📸.” TLC fans loved that comment. One of them said in the replies, “You guys’ photos this week are sooooo cute!” 

Some Snarking

It seems that some OutDaughtered fans were really upset when the show went on hiatus. Since then, there seems to be an uptick of those folks who got some sort of grudge. In the past, sometimes there were trolls, but now, they definitely seem to be a bit more common. So, some people claimed that the photo of all the girls in the selfie wasn’t up to scratch. Mostly, though people thought that the photo of the family looked rather charming. What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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