OutDaughtered Starlet Blayke Busby Schools Adam And Danielle On Boys

OutDaughtered Starlet Blayke Busby Schools Adam And Danielle On BoysOutDaughtered Season 9 premiered on July 11, and TLC fans were happy to see more of Adam and Danielle Busby and their oldest daughter, Blayke. Of course, the quints also returned, and many people couldn’t wait to find out more about Riley, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker. One spoiler revealed that Blayke, now a pre-teen, schooled her mom and dad about boys.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby Is Now 12 Years Old

It’s been a long time since fans saw Blayke on their televisions: nearly two years. However, those who follow Adam on his social media know that she turned 12 years old. In fact, she went off to middle school, and in the show, fans learned that she was in Grade 6. On April 5, 2023, Blayke Busby was featured in a photo on her dad’s Instagram account. In the photo, she wore a watch with a red strap, earrings, and a yellow t-shirt, and her long hair was styled like her mom Danielle’s. Her smile was just as bright as her mom’s, and her dad couldn’t believe she was already 12 years old.

OutDaughtered fans who saw the photo were flabbergasted and couldn’t believe how fast time flies. Later, Danielle shared how she stressed a bit when Blayke’s birthday came around. Although she got a specialist in to arrange the party, it rained. Fortunately, the party wasn’t entirely ruined. After all, they could easily move inside to learn about painting and artwork. Plenty of friends crowded around to eat some nice treats, and it certainly looks like Blayke has a lot of them. Notably, none of them were boys.

OutDaughtered: Blayke Busby And Boys In Middle School

When the premiere rolled around this week, several teasers had already dropped for the show. But, one of the last ones revealed Blayke Busby at home with her mom. Danielle said that these days, her daughter is all about her “friends” from “middle school.” In fact, she seemed a bit miffed because her daughter preferred hanging with her friends rather than helping out at home. Anyway, she got her tidying up a bit and then ambushed Blayke about boys at school

OutDaughtered Starlet Blayke Busby Schools Adam And Danielle On Boys
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The OutDaughtered kid blushed, and who else remembers painful conversations like that? Anyway, Danielle claimed that she knew her daughter was keen on a boy because she flushed red. Naturally, the quints’ big sister denied it. In fact, she claimed that all the boys at school were “ugly.” Then she started to explain that some of the boys don’t seem very nice, especially one of them. Next, she schooled her mom and TLC fans loved it.

Schooled On A Honey Hopper

The OutDaughtered kid told Danielle that a particular boy is no good because he’s a “honey hopper.” Danielle had no idea what that meant. So, her daughter explained that each week, he takes up with a new girl, and then dumps her for another. Later, when Danielle told Adam, he said that he’d never heard of the term, “Honey hopper.”

Well, fans loved it, and one of them said in the comments, “That’s going to be my new word ‘honey hopper.”

What do you think about Blayke Busby schooling her parents on what a “Honey Hopper” is? Shout out in the comments below.

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