LPBW Alum Audrey Roloff Updates On The Kids & Pets This Weekend

LPBW Alum Audrey Roloff Updates On The Kids & Pets This WeekendLittle People Big World (LPBW) alum Audrey Roloff loves to post about her kids and her husband, Jeremy. Actually, the former TLC stars often take a  lot of heat for their social media posts, but that doesn’t seem to stop them at all. However, there wasn’t really much to criticize over the weekend. Instead, she focused on what the kids and pets were getting up to.

LPBW: Audrey Roloff Is Sometimes Questioned As A Mom

Often, Jeremy’s wife takes heat because she professes to love her kids, Ember, Bode, and Radley, but she sometimes behaves in what fans see as a reckless way. For example, when Radley was smaller, TLC fans took it upon themselves to tell her that Radley’s teething necklace seemed to be too tight in the bathtub. Oh, there were plenty of other times when fans felt that they were better parents. Like when she allowed all three kids to get up on a moving ATV with Jeremy.

LPBW fans also do see plenty of cute moments though, and not everyone hates them. In fact, even her critics agree that she and Jeremy make beautiful babies together. Actually, they are nicely spaced, with Ember already well advanced as a young girl. Bode is still adorable and sweet, and he grows on fans. Meanwhile, Radley is just starting his life. At the moment, he toddles around the new farm, happy as Larry, barefoot and emulating his dad.

LPBW: Audrey Shares About Bode & The Pets

On Sunday, July 9, the former TLC star took to her Instagram Stories and shared photos of the children, and some throwback ones of herself with Jeremy. She also included the cat and their chickens that now live on the farm with them in Oregon. It seems that she favors the cat, but disapproved of the chickens that think her deck should be adorned with them and their poop. In the post about Bode, she said that her cat is “the best” because it let the little boy haul it around.

LPBW Alum Audrey Roloff Updates On The Kids and Pets This Weekend
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories (4)

LPBW fans who love wildflowers might like that Audrey posted a throwback photo of Ember in a field of flowers. In her stories, she talked about how she is trying to prepare the meadow at the new farm so they will also grow in abundance there. Clearly, flowers in the wild are some of her favorite things.

Ember Roloff

Meanwhile, with Radley, she showed him engaging in imaginative play using a little wheelbarrow to push his things around the yard. She said, “All the construction vehicles loaded up and headed to rescue the bulldozer from the job site.”

Unwarranted Hate?

LPBW fans love to find things to slam Audrey Roloff. But is she really such a horrid person that they should scan deeply for anything to criticize? Do you think that sometimes, there’s nearly nothing all that contentious in her posts? Did you enjoy the update about the kids, the cat, and the chickens? Let us know in the comments below.

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