Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Makes Dangerous Choice Around Children

Audrey Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff has once again gotten backlash over a parenting choice that she has made. In fact, fans were very upset that she was very open about sharing this on social media. Audrey thought that posting an adorable photo of her kids in the bathtub would get some great reactions, but when fans looked closer, the reactions were bad!

Little People Big World Spoilers – What Happened In The Bath Tub?

Audrey shared a photo of Bode and Radley in the bathtub this week. They had given one another mohawks and Audrey thought it was adorable. They smiled as their mom took their picture. The boys had toys all around them in the tub, but that isn’t what fans noticed. In fact, they pointed out that Radley was wearing a teething necklace in the tub. This necklace helps kids to get through the pain of teething. Of course, this seems like a great idea, but the necklace was so tight on Radley that fans had to speak up about it.

As soon as her fans saw this picture, they took to Reddit to explain how they were feeling about this necklace. One wrote, “A tight necklace on a baby can’t be good.” Another added, “Amber teething necklaces are so dangerous! Please never use one of these!” One more wrote, “They should honestly be illegal. They’re dangerous and serve zero purposes.”

Isabel Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – The Teething Necklace Issues

More and more fans decided to chime in on the necklace and just how horrible they are for kids. Her fans told her that she needs to Google these necklaces because they are not good for kids. Of course, Audrey is known for using natural ways to heal and constantly shares this with her fans. She always pushes essential oils on her fans because they promote healing in her family. She has also gotten hate for drinking unpasteurized milk.

Audrey has some interesting beliefs and these teething necklaces have come up before in her posts. Of course, they have made fans uncomfortable because of how dangerous they can be. Her kids have been seen with them before and they always bring up the fact that they are just too tight on kids. Her fans really do hope that she will do more research on these items before she decides to put them on her small children. We will have to keep an eye on her Instagram page to see if she ever gets the hint.

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