Did Bravo Host Andy Cohen Poop In His Pants?

Did Bravo Host Andy Cohen Poop In His Pants?Andy Cohen is a famous Bravo host and fans familiar with Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, and The Real Housewives know him well He’s also the host of Watch What Happens Live. At the same time, he’s a devoted dad to Lucy and Ben. Recently, Ben started to wonder if his dad had pooped his pants. Did he? Read on to find out.,

Andy Cohen & Ben Have A Lot Of Funny Moments Together

In the past, Bravo fans got a lot of giggles from young Ben. Once, they heard the four-year-old child demand his dad put on some music. They were traveling in the car when it happened. Ben seems to be quite intelligent for his age, and he can participate in complex discussions. Followers were surprised and amused to learn that the little kid enjoys music from The Grateful Dead. Then again, his father also has a background in radio, so it’s possible that this is where his interest in music stems from.

Andy Cohen shared another funny video on his stories in early July. Once again, they were on the road, and it seemed like a long time for a young boy to stay quiet in the back seat. So, he started pestering his dad on how much longer the journey would take. Cheering his son up, his dad called him a “champion.” Anyway, Ben argued that he wasn’t at all a champion, he was just a “little boy.” Then, he decided he was a “big boy.” Or perhaps, a “little big boy.” This time, the cute interaction about poop came at home for a change.

Andy Cohen And Ben Have A Discussion About Pooping In Pants

Young Ben has a little sister, and she’s probably still young enough to occasionally poop in her pants. Clearly, Ben heard the expression many times in the past. Actually, many fans love the way that the famous host raises his kids. He keeps it real, but kind and gentle at the same time. Recently, Andy crossed over his work and interaction with his children when he told fans that he would soon appear on Watch What Happens Live with Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps.

Did Bravo Host Andy Cohen Poop In His Pants
Andy Cohen via Queens Of Bravo / Twitter

Heavy.com picked up the story when Queens of Bravo shared the Instagram story on Twitter.  The outlet noted that Andy Cohen also teased “the premiere of Bravo’s newest offering, ‘Welcome to Crappie Lake.” Judging by Ben’s reaction, words other than “poop” explain the bodily function at home. That’s because Ben piped up and asked his dad if he “pooped in [his] pants.” Naturally, his dad denied it, and he asked Ben if he’d done that. Both of them denied that they pooped. Of course, fans felt amused by the interaction.

Real Housewives Fans Comment

In the comments on Twitter, plenty of people reacted to the video by Andy Cohen. One of them said, “I love everything about this! 🥰.”

More comments followed like this one: “I think Ben heard him when he was talking about watching “Crappie Lake” lol. Too Funny!”

Do you think it’s funny because Ben asked his father if he’d “pooped…his pants?” Let us know in the comments below.

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