1000-LB Sisters: Glenn Halterman Turns 10 Months Old – Cute Photo

Amy Halterman

1000-LB Sisters star Amy Halterman and her husband Michael welcomed their second child, Glenn in July last year. She gave birth to her son via c-section and the new baby weighed in at 5 lb and 11 oz. Now, she celebrated him turning 10 months old and posted a cute picture on her Instagram.

1000-LB Sisters: Glenn Halterman Is Very Cute

TLC fans already met Amy’s little boy Gage. Recall, he arrived towards the end of season 2 of the show. Both of the children seem to be the spitting image of their dad, Michael. Unfortunately, the parents of the two boys split and right now, they go through a rather toxic divorce. Naturally, fans feel very sad that Glenn and Gage will grow up in a divided family.

1000-LB Sisters fans suspected that Amy might be expecting a second baby. At the time, people were a bit worried because she seemed to be putting on more weight again. And, when she finally confirmed that she was expecting, she did a gender reveal. Unfortunately,  and she seemed unhappy because she had hoped for a little girl. In retrospect, maybe she was unhappy because things seem to be going wrong between her and Michael.

1000-LB Sisters Cute Photo If Glenn Halterman At 10 Months

On May 6, Amy took to her Instagram account and shared a very sweet photograph of Glenn sitting on a couch. He wore a little yellow top and blue and black short pants with the cutest little socks on. In the photo, he smiled as he puts his hand on the little plaque that his mom held that said “10 months.” In her caption, Amy said, “I’m proud to say this little boy is 10 months old today.”

1000-LB Sisters Glenn Halterman Turns 10 months Old - Cute Photo
Amy Halterman / Instagram

The 1000-LB Sisters star continued by saying, “I love watching you and boy playing together you are  [a] wonderful goofy baby and you are so loved.” Naturally, TLC fans had something to say about the little boy. One of them commented. “he looks like you.” They also opined, “Gage looks like Michael…I’m watching the episode when this little doodlebug was born as I typed.  this loves y’all so much.” Other people also noticed that he’s a handsome little kid and one of them talked about when the boys grow up and arrive “in middle school” they’re going to be little heartbreakers.

Adorable Boy

More comments went in about Amy Halterman’s youngest child. One fan said, “he is so darn cute.” Meanwhile, more compliments flooded in and a 1000-LB Sisters fan said, “You have two beautiful boys you’re a wonderful mother.” Others agreed: “he’s too adorable he looks so much like Michael. I hope you’re doing well!”

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