Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Brown Lives For The Now

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown

Alaskan Bush People fans were so happy to hear that Raiven Brown managed to safely birth her new son, Cove. While he ended up in the NICU for a while, he recovered his strength and she and Bear took him home to meet their son, River. All newborns can make their moms and dad feel exhausted until they learn to sleep through the night. But, the Discovery star chooses to enjoy even those times when the baby simply won’t sleep. Instead, she focuses on enjoying the now.

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven Brown Shares Photos Of Her Boys

One thing that Discovery fans really appreciate is that Raiven and Bear show the faces of their sons. These days, it’s becoming less common among reality TV stars. The first photos arrived and revealed that her new son had dark hair. So, fans thought that Cove might take after her. However, it seems that as he grows a bit older, he takes on Bear’s features. Not that it matters who he looks like. Raiven just seems happy that he’s healthy after an initial setback.

Alaskan Bush People fans wondered how River would take to his new sibling. After all, some kids do have problems adjusting. However, he seemed just fine with his baby brother. In fact, he signed his joy to his mom and dad. He also said repeatedly, “awe cute baby.” Well, River was also in the latest photo where his mom talked about living in the now with her kids.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown Lives For The Now

If you think about it, people seldom enjoy the now. Either they are busy hoping that bad times will pass as they think about the future. Or, they look back on past events. Very seldom does anyone stop, take a breath, and just enjoy life as it is right now. When Raiven shared a photo on Friday, she wrote, “I’m so thankful on these sleepless nights. All I can think about is how lucky I am to be tired with my rainbow baby and toddler.💙😭”

Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Brown Lives For The Now
Raiven Brown / Instagram

Immediately, Alaskan Bush People fans grasped what she was trying to say about living in the now. One of them wrote in the comments, “It’s good you can appreciate these times. So many people only focus on the bad parts and then look back at this time with rose colored glasses. So many parents focus on “I can’t wait until…” instead of thinking like ‘I really appreciate/enjoy this.”

Discovery Fans Comment

Alaskan Bush People fans also talked about how Raiven can enjoy her kids, but when they rest, then she should also do the same. After all, she doesn’t want to be tired all the time. Mind you, she’s an experienced mom and probably learned long ago to enjoy resting when the kids do.

What do you think about Raiven Brown Living in the now? Do you sometimes find yourself not appreciating your present circumstances because your thoughts are elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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