Sister Wives Spoilers: Mykelti Padron Offers Update On Her Twins

Mykelti Padron

Mykelti Padron, daughter of Kody Brown and his ex-wife, Christine Brown, offers an update on her twin boys. Mykelti gave birth to Ace Padron and Archer Padron on November 17. Christine and her former sister’s wife Robyn Brown were in attendance when the babies arrived as well as her husband Tony Padron.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Mykelti Padron Offers An Update On The Twin Boys

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Mykelti’s twins were not due until December. However, Mykelti knew that babies could be born early. Mykelti was measuring 54 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital. Mykelti wanted to give birth without medical intervention. Unfortunately, the babies were breech so that would not be the case.

Mykelti required surgery to deliver her twins safely. However, both boys were in good health and they soon were released to go home. Mykelti continues to update fans on their progress. According to Mykelti, Archer weighs 7.4 pounds while Ace is weighing in at 8 pounds. Mykelti also states that Avalon, the twins’ older sister adores them as well.

Sister Wives Updates – Sibling Love

Mykelti states that Avalon not only loves her baby brothers but wants to hold them all the time. Mykelti admits that it wasn’t easy at first but Avalon has warmed up to the babies. Avalon loves to kiss and cuddle her baby brothers. Tony and Mykelti are learning to navigate the situations while allowing Avalon to be the loving big sister she is.

The boys are not sleeping through the night yet. However, Mykelti says they do sleep for three or four hours at a time so she is at least getting some rest. Mykelti says she is healing very well. Tony and Mykelti are both feeling great. Transitioning to a family of five hasn’t been pretty effortless. Of course, things will get very interesting as the children get bigger.

Mykelti Padron

Christine Brown Is Near To Help Mykelti Padron

Things are different than when Mykelti had Avalon. Christine Brown lives close by and is on hand to help Mykelti with the babies. Christine loves being near her grandchildren. Being an Oma (grandmother) is thrilling for Christine. Of course, Maddie Brown Brush’s children consider Christine their oma as well.

Mykelti helped to find Christine’s rental house in Utah which is about 20 minutes away from her home. Of course, Christine’s children supported her separation from Kody. Christine is ready to be there for Mykelti and the children as well as move on with her life. Of course, Mykelti’s little sister Truly Brown gets to be close to her niece and nephews as well. Christine is happy to have the support system she now has for Truly. It doesn’t seem like Mykelti plans to add to the family any time soon.

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