General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Will Sonny And Nina Last In 2023?

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos and Nina Spencer

General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that everyone seems to be asking the same question over and over again: do Sonny and Nina have what it takes to last as a major couple in Port Charles? Well, it seems like everyone certainly has an opinion about the matter. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers – Will Sonny Corinthos And Nina Spencer Last In 2023?

Who should Sonny be with? That’s what a lot of General Hospital fans can’t help but ask time and time again. And while there are some people who think he belongs with his ex-wife Carly Spencer until the end of time, others think that his romance with Nina Reeves has changed him, and for the better.

Sonny and Nina are in love but a lot of people aren’t convinced of their love – and especially some members of his family. It seems like his kids would do anything to see him with his one true love again, Carly Corinthos. But that moment has passed already, hasn’t it? Sonny and Nina’s relationship has been a controversial one, but also a “slow, nice burn” according to a lot of General Hospital fans. And seeing where Sonny is in his life right now, this might be exactly what he needs, too.

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos and Nina Spencer

General Hospital Updates – What’s Next For Sonny Corinthos And Nina Reeves?

Many General Hospital fans and critics alike weighed in on the matter on social media. Some comments included, “No one truly likes them. They’ve become an agenda couple for people who hate Carly with Sonny or hate Sonny with Carly. But they don’t seriously move the needle on their own,” along with, “No. Sorry, but I don’t see any chemistry between them. Unfortunately, for this Sonny fan, he died on the bridge and was reborn as Smike, a poor imitation of the real Sonny.”

Now, as far as whether or not Nina and Sonny will go the distance or whether or not Carly will be back in the picture, remains to be seen. Needless to say, General Hospital fans will have to tune in each and every day in order to find out! Let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.