Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Posts Cute Grandkids Photos After Nashville Visit

Janelle Brown

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seems more mobile than Meri these days. Actually, she seems to be on road trips and working vacations every second week. Of course, that only fuels speculation that she might have split from Kody Brown. Whether she has or not, she seems happy and this week, she shared photos of Maddie Brown Brush’s kids after she visited Nashville.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Posts New Photos Of Axel & Evie Brush

Years ago, the Brown family has no grandchildren, and now they soon expect number four, five, and six. If you don’t know, Maddie is pregnant again and she expects a baby in early 2023. Meanwhile, her half-sister, Mykelti expects twins. Janelle misses her grandchildren, Axel and Evie very much. So, whenever she gets the opportunity, she catches up with them in North Carolina. Of course, as she and Maddie both sell PLexus products, they get together a lot more than they used to.

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown loves her kids and she might find it difficult because Maddie lives so far away from Flagstaff. Then, there’s her son Logan in Nevada, and until recently, Hunter was away at university. So, the only people that she could catch up with every day were Gabe and Garrison. And of course, her youngest daughter, Savanah who might still be at school in Flagstaff. But, she loves being with her two grandchildren and now she shared some new photos of them.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Visited Nashville

Four days ago, Kody’s second wife visited old friends in Nashville. In a photo that she shared, she said that it was so much fun. With good humor, she wrote, “Such great conversation, laughs and some crazy people watching afterward down on Broadway 😄.” Apparently, she went to school with her friend and they stayed in touch all these years. However, it looks like she then returned to visit Maddie Brush and the grandchildren. Her stories showed Axel and Evie in the pool.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Posts Cute Grandkids Photos After Nashville Visit
Janelle Brown / Instagram Stories

In her captions, the Sister Wives star expressed her love for her grandchildren. And, she noted that Axel is “Living his best life.” Meanwhile, cute Evie-K “insisted on goggles.” She’s a strong little girl and she knows exactly what she wants. Janelle also talked about cooling off and “decompressing in the pool” after a “long drive day.” It’s not clear if the kids also went on the long drive, but possibly Janelle did. Maybe she drove there from Nashville, or she went back to Flagstaff first.

Kody Brown’s Second Wife Seems To Live Her Best Life

Sister Wives fans see that Janelle Brown is adventurous and she enjoyed living in an RV on Coyote Pass. These days, she seems to love all of her road trips and flights all over the place. While season 17 of the show reveals that she probably stays in Flagstaff, she clearly doesn’t spend too much time there.

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