LPBW: Stoic Jackson Roloff Shrugs Off Chaotic Costume Party

Jackson Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) star Tori Roloff never fails to reveal cute photos of the kids as Halloween approaches. Jackson, who has at least five scary seasons under his belt loves dressing up for a Halloween costume party. However, things got a bit chaotic this year. Not worried though, the stoic kindergarten kid shrugged it off and kept on smiling.

LPBW Star Jackson Roloff Handles Life With Flair

Tori and Zach Roloff’s oldest child now shares his space with his little sister, Lilah, and baby Josiah. However, he seems untroubled about not being the center of his parent’s universe. In fact, he seldom seems troubled by much despite his size and little legs being something of a challenge in a big world. This year, he started kindergarten and was all upbeat and excited about his new adventure. And, as it’s now Halloween, the little guy seems excited about the spooky season.

LPBW fans loved seeing Jackson and Lilah on Halloween last year. In fact, they decided that no words were needed, as the cuteness levels were off the charts. Plenty of heart emojis went up as Superman and Minnie Mouse posed with Murphy the dog. Anyway, this year, it’s baby Josiah’s first Halloween, and he wasn’t left out of the costume party. However, he clearly didn’t enjoy the day as much as his big brother and sister.

LPBW Costume Party Photos Of Jackson, Lilah, & Josiah

When Tori shared her photos of the kids dressed up for their costume party, she posted up a few photos. In them, Lilah looked adorable once again, and the stoic firefighter, Jackson looked ready to roll and put out a fire. In her caption, Tori wrote, “Swipe to the end to see real life! 🤣”

LPBW Stoic Jackson Roloff Shrugs Off Chaotic Costume Party
Tori Roloff / Instagram

LPBW fans noticed that Josiah seemed really unhappy all dressed up like a chicken. Well, fans who follow his grandfather, Matt Roiloff know that often refers to Jackson as a “professional.” While baby brother yelled and let the world know what they could do with their costume party, he simply smiles and carried it off as well as any pro celeb used to the chaos of the paparazzi cameras.

TLC Fans Love Jackson

LPBW fans who took to the comments couldn’t help but talk about Jackson. Of course, plenty of comments went in about Lilah and Josiah as well. One fan said, “The last picture of Jackson just smiling through the chaos of baby 😂 what a good big bro.”

Meanwhile, another follower quipped, “The last pic 😆 Jackson’s like ok, can you hurry cuz he’s really clucking now 😂.”

This comment also arrived: “Love how J is still smiling while holding a crying bird!”

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