Little People Big World Spoilers: Is Season 24 The Last For Little People Big World?


Roloff Family

TLC’s Little People Big World will return on November 1 for Season 24. However, fans are worried that this will be the final season of the reality show since the family seems to be drifting apart. According to The Sun, Matt Roloff may have suggested that the show could be coming to an end. Of course, no one was quoted as saying this, but the conversation was approached by tourists.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Did Matt Roloff Suggest This To Tourists At Roloff Farms?

Little People Big World Spoilers suggest that during a reading of Matt’s book “Little Lucy, Big Race”, Matt allegedly opened up the floor for some questions. Of course, this is the middle of pumpkin season and people are moving about all over the farm. TLC cameras were shooting footage for the show as well. According to the report, Matt supposedly admitted that he didn’t know if there would be any more shows after the last few episodes.

Matt is unsure if the show will be renewed after this season. Also, according to the source providing this information, Matt mocked Amy Roloff saying she is against turning the farm into a rental property. Of course, Amy has no say in this since she sold out to Matt a while back. Two of the Roloff children have expressed interest in buying parts of the farm but Matt has turned them both down.

Little People Big World Updates –  Renting Out Roloff Farms

Matt revealed earlier in the week that he has taken part of the farm off the market and plans to use it as a rental property. This way, Matt would have income from the rental coming in during the off-season. TLC fans know that this is jumping the gun considering that Season 24 has not begun airing yet. TLC usually announces their renewals after the current season is done.

Renting out the farm to strangers is not sitting well, especially with Zach Roloff. Zach offered to buy part of the farm, which Matt priced too high in his opinion. Zach was so upset that he moved his family 45 minutes away from the rest of the family to buy a place he could call his own. Zach has fond memories of their family home and wanted to share those experiences with his children.

Matt Roloff

Uncertainty Plagues Roloff Farms

It seems that the past two years have been about nothing but uncertainty on Roloff farms. Zach and his family have settled in Washington but that was not where he wanted to be. Zach and Tori Roloff’s new baby arrives early in the season as well. This follows the miscarriage they had in season 23. Now Zach and Tori will have to adjust to life with three kids because they are officially outnumbered.

As Matt plans to move on with his life and retirement, Matt’s plans to marry Caryn Chandler at some point haven’t changed either. Chris Marek surely didn’t anticipate being caught in the middle as he and Amy celebrate their first anniversary. However, Zach and Matt’s feud doesn’t seem close to being over. Can the father and son duo ever mend their relationship so the family can be whole again?

Don’t forget, new episodes begin November 1. Be sure to tune in for all of the news and excitement.