Little People, Big World Spoilers: Fans Want To Know Why Jeremy Roloff Came Home Early From Trip

Jeremy Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans were shocked to find out that Jeremy Roloff left his trip earlier than he expected. He had a very adventurous boys’ trip planned, but things got cut short when something terrible happened.

Little People Big World Spoilers – The Disastrous Trip

Jeremy wanted to go on a great trip with some friends and just unwind without the kids, but things didn’t go exactly as he had planned and he had to leave the trip earlier than expected. His friend, Tom Baker, shared some photos of the trip on Instagram and one of them was captioned, “See that canoe? Our hunting trip didn’t go as planned. It ended very abruptly a few days ago. Last Thursday, Seth, Jeremy, Andrew, and I all started a 6-day, 44-mile epic man float in central Oregon to fish, hunt, and tell stories (around a non-existent fire since there’s a fire ban in Oregon right now).”

He went on, “Caught so many fish that if anyone came up with an empty line we were confused. Some of the best bass fishing in the world. Saw a huge mountain lion chased it over insane terrain, couldn’t find it again but it probably turned the tables and was hunting us.” Jeremey added his own version of the tale and fans were really happy that the men came home early.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff

Big People Little People Updates – Jeremy Roloff Shares His Part of The Story

Jeremy told his fans that as they were floating, there was a huge rock that tipped the canoe, filled it with water, and then everything in the canoe got washed away. All of their gear and hunting equipment was gone down the river, so they had very little choice but to come home.

They had to cram 24 hours of food, four men, and all of the gear that they could in order to make it back. Then they hiked over ten miles to get to a road so that they could get back to the car.

This looks like the trip wasn’t at all what anyone expected, but we are happy that everyone is safe.

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