Sister Wives Updates: Avalon Padron Braves A Scary Bridge Crossing

Avalon Padron

For Sister Wives fans, it sometimes feels like just last week that baby Avalon Padron arrived. However, she’s a toddler now, and at 16 months, she is soon to be a big sister to twins! This week, she proved that like her cousin, Evie-K, she’s a strong kid with a tough character. In fact, she got through an adventure that turned out to be a scary experience for her mom, Mykelti.

Sister Wives – Baby Avalon Padron Grows Up

For ages, Axel Brush was the only grandchild of Kody Brown. But for Christine, her time to be a real grandma came when Avalon arrived. Of course, these days, she lives close to Mykleti, so she sees her cute grandchild very often. TLC fans love it when she shares photos of herself with the little girl. After all, if she hadn’t kicked Kody to the curb, her visits would come along infrequently. Clearly, the bravery that it took for Christine to walk away from the patriarch has emerged in Avalon.

Sister Wives fans don’t yet know if Mykelti will produce boys, girls, or fraternal twins like a boy and a girl. But, we’re willing to bet that just like Avalon, they will have strong personalities as well. Actually, the grandkids and Truly are probably the only common interests left between Kody and Christine at the moment. So at least there is that, given that they are very estranged these days. Where do Avalon and Truly get their adventurous spirits from? Probably, their grandma.

Sister Wives Update Reveals Brave Avalon

On Friday, September 2, Mykelti took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself on a scary rope bridge. Actually, Myklei didn’t look too comfortable with it. In one hand, she held onto Avalon’s shoe. In front of her, the toddler made her way with one shoe on and one shoe off. Was it terrifying? Well, according to Mykelti, it was. In fact, she said, “YES! Yes, it was. Will I ever do it again? NO! Definitely not.”

 Sister Wives Avalon Padron
Mykelti Padron / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who saw the photo also noticed that her mom wasn’t too sure about Avalon Padron’s feelings. Mykelti admitted, “Did Miss Avalon enjoy it? In all honestly, no idea. We walk a rope bridge a little too uncomfortably high off the ground while 27 weeks pregnant with a 1-year-old. But she loves the aquarium. That’s the positive side!!!”

TLC Fans Comment

Sister Wives fans took to the comments section, and not everyone would have been brave enough to even try and cross the bridge. One of them said, “You both had similar expressions! Congrats on making it, not sure I could do it.”

Another one wrote, “Well done Avalon for walking that all by yourself knowing Mommy is behind you – You were very brave even if you didn’t enjoy walking the rope bridge. 🙌 braver than me. 😁 well done to Mommy too 😁.”

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