Little People Big World Star Matt Confirms What Fans Suspect About Jacob

Matt Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) spoilers revealed that Jacob hung out with his dad ever since he finished up his last job in Bend. If you don’t know, he was working on a farm that grew marijuana. Actually, very pregnant Isabel moved to the Portland area ahead of him when she was pregnant with Mateo. Last year, speaking with Alec Lace on First Class Fatherhood, Matt Roloff mentioned that he’d like to see Jacob farming a corner on his land. But now, in an unrelated post, he confirmed what fans already suspected.

Little People Big World Alum Jacob Roloff Does More Than Grow Weed

Jacob only groused about the big drama with the sale of a portion of the farms once. That came via Twitter, and pretty much, it was probably done just to amp up the ratings for the show. Zach also got really grumpy, but he had more to lose than Jacob. Or, so TLC fans thought. These days, Matt’s youngest son is posting about growing his THC product and it looks like he’s getting it up and running on the home farm. Meanwhile, Zach is in Washington working on his own country property.

With Little People Big World fans seeing posts about Jacob by Matt Roloff, some of them wonder if Jacob basically manages the farm for his dad. No farmer is an island when it comes to intensive agricultural production these days. Recall, that Matt always used to worry about what happened on the farm during his absence. But, he has managers and supervisors like every farmer who grows more than a subsistence crop. So, he could communicate by phone. And, Zach helped out. But, it seems that Jacob does more than just lend a helping hand while he grows his weed.

Little People Big World – Matt Roloff Confirms Jacob Runs The Farm?

On August 28, Matt took to his Instagram and posted an update about his mom. If you don’t know, his dad passed away about a month ago, and “Huny” obviously mourns her husband’s passing. The good news is that she seems to be coping despite her recent bereavement. Matt said, “My mother is doing great.. all things considered…She’s strong, happy, and still living her very best life! Obviously, we all are missing my father and she’s still adjusting to doing things on her own after 63 years of having him by her side… but she has a lot of new friends that are dealing with all the same issues.”

Little People Big World Star Matt Confirms What Fans Suspect About Jacob
Matt Roloff / Instagram

The Little People Big World star also mentioned Jacob. Actually,  he talked about how “Jacob, Jason, Nico, and the team back in Oregon” get on with things. So, that makes it a lot easier for him to get away. Notably, he also mentioned Arizona. The post said he’s been “back and forth to AZ more than normal.” That came when he mentioned being able to visit his mom. So apparently, he spends more time in AZ these days than in Oregon.

How Likely Is It Jacob’s Junior To The Farm Overseer?

Little People Big World might bring a fractured family, but probably not so fractured that Jacob wouldn’t be very much in charge of the overall day-to-day business in his dad’s absence. Sometimes, farm kids work their school breaks under a supervisor or in a team. But as a fully-fledged adult with his own farming experience, it’s not likely that Jacob gets issued his daily to-do list by Jason or Nico. Certainly, it seems to confirm that he is, in fact, helping with the management of Roloff Farms.

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