Little People, Big World Spoilers: What Is Amy Roloff’s Secret Tattoo?

Amy Roloff'

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are now curious about Amy Roloff’s secret tattoo. In a new picture that she shared on her Instagram Stories, fans were quick to point out that she never shows off this tattoo and they wanted to know its significance to Amy.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Amy Roloff Meets Matt Damon

In one of her new posts, Amy shared that she recently met Matt Damon. In the photo, he has his arm around her and they are both smiling. They are both dressed in formal clothing and it looks as if they were at an awards function. She is holding a beer in the picture as well, but that wasn’t what stood out to her fans the most. What really stood out was the fact that she was showing off her tattoo which none of her fans have ever seen!

First, fans really wanted to know how she was with Matt and how cool it was that she got to meet him. Then fans started in by asking her when she got the tattoo, what it meant, and why she never shows it off on the show. This is the first and only time that Amy has ever shown any type of tattoo and this made a lot of her fans excited to learn more about this one and any others that she may have.

Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World Updates – Rumors About Amy Roloff

This post came just a few days after rumors about Amy splitting up with her husband, Chris Marek. She made sure to put these rumors to rest by posting pictures of them together while they were on vacation in Florida with some of their friends. The reason for these rumors was Amy’s last trip where she went to visit some of her family without Chris. There are plenty of reasons why Amy went alone, but these two are still going strong.

Fans are still interested in when she got her tattoo and if she has any others. They are hopeful that after she sees all of the replies to her post, she will show more about her tattoos and what they mean to her.

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