Little People, Big World Spoilers: Amy Roloff Has Disappointed Fans Many Times

Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are really starting to break down the many times that Amy Roloff has let her fans down on the show. It seems that she has disappointed her fans a lot in the past and they have started to point them out to one another on social media.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Amy’s Attitude

Amy has shown us all that she is very hardworking and a little pushy, but her fans feel that she really has let them down a lot over the years. There are many fans that hold Amy to a very high standard and expect a lot more out of her. For many years, fans have looked to her to be the voice of reason and she always gives great advice to her friends and family. She tries to stay as positive as she can, but when she slips up, her fans are very quick to point it out.

All of Amy’s slip-ups have been pointed out and the first few have to do with her manners and how sometimes she just forgets them. Amy loves to cook and share her skills in the kitchen. She often shares videos of herself cooking and baking. One follower pointed out that in one of her videos, she tastes the food and as she is chewing, she is also talking. She does this pretty often in her videos and her fans think it is gross!

Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World Updates – Other Amy Slip-Ups

Amy may not always remember her manners and she isn’t perfect, but there have been some other incidents that fans pointed out. Matt Roloff, Amy’s ex-husband has been jabbed by Amy a few times as well. Amy will show her real annoyance with Matt on the show and she often acts like he is just obnoxious. She has a tendency to not treat him like an adult and her fans have noticed this happening pretty often.

Fans of the show will continue to point out these flaws in the cast members and we just all have to remember that no one is perfect.

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