OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Makes Healthy Snacks But The Kids Reject The Flavor

Adam Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers revealed that Adam Busby needn’t have worried about raising six little girls. Over the years, he’s proven time and again, that he’s a great father. With Danielle spending more time working at her Graeson Bee retail outlet he seems to spend a lot more time parenting the quints and Blayke. This week, he made some healthy snacks, but the kids didn’t like them much. As it took a long time to prepare, hopefully, he enjoyed eating them all by himself.

OutDaughtered Dad Prepares A Sweet-Looking Treat For The Kids

Often, TLC fans see that the house in League City, Texas is busting at the side with kids. For starters, the five quints and Blayke live there. But friends and cousins regularly seem to end up with the family. So, all those extra mouths need a lot of feeding. Now that the quints are seven years old, it takes more than a bottle of milk and a burp to settle their appetites. Like all kids, snacks are fine, as long as they contain healthy ingredients, so Adam went the extra mile for them and their cousin.

OutDaughtered fans know that Adam and Danielle Busby don’t completely limit snacks and treats to healthy food. Often, they go out for snacks and they choose sweet milkshakes. Of course, on their birthdays, plenty of cake is consumed. Each kid gets to choose their own flavor and design. Naturally, this year, Hazel seemed keen on one themed on her spirit animal, Sid the Sloth. However, in the end, they all choose Doggy-themed cakes. Nevertheless, when Adam prepared a sweet-looking treat this week, the girls seemed keen on it.

OutDaughtered – Adam Makes A Fruit Pizza

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Adam shared that he had a “craving for steak.” Well, he didn’t show the steak that he possibly had. Instead, he talked about one of his favorite pizzas. Actually, he noted that he hadn’t made it for ages. When he revealed it, it looked very nice with berries on it. So, the kids thought it looked amazing. However, most of them didn’t seem to like it. Certainly, it seemed like the cheese and fruit dish wasn’t appreciated. In fact, Riley pulled a face and said she didn’t like the bottom bit. So, Adam told her it had sugar in it.

OutDaughtered fans could see that even Blayke didn’t look too thrilled with it either. Mind you, Parker begged her for a bite. So, perhaps she enjoyed it the most. Although the clips didn’t show Danielle, her voice was in the background. So, she wasn’t at work when Adam prepared his fruit pizza.

OutDaughtered Dad Makes A Special Snack But Quints Reject The Flavor
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

After they ate, the kids all piled into Adam’s Jeep. Danielle drove them, so he pretended to be terrified about her driving. Actually, that made Ava laugh out loud. Obviously, he didn’t have any bad feelings about his rejected snacks.

Adam Tries Hard With His Kids

OutDaughtered fans probably recall that at one stage, the dad of one plus five quints seemed to slide into depression. Terribly worried about providing for his girls, he confessed his fears. Well, he certainly seems to have overcome his misgivings. These days, the girls all live a really nice life. Hard work and a lot of effort seem to have paid off handsomely for him.

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