Little People Big World: Ember Roloff Lives The best Life Paddleboarding & More

Little People Big World: Ember Roloff Lives The best Life Paddleboarding & MoreLittle People Big World (LPBW) fans might not always approve of Audrey, but they adore her oldest child, Ember Roloff. Actually, the cute kid, now aged five, seems very sweet with her little brothers, Bode and Radley. Many people might wish that they had the many opportunities that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s kids have. The kids seem to live their best lives and being the oldest, Ember often gets to experience things like paddleboarding first.

Little People Big World – Lucky Ember Roloff Has A Dedicated Mom

Audrey Roloff sometimes gets some heat and TLC fans wait and watch for her to slip up. After all, her life seems too perfect, and sometimes, people accuse her of milking her kids for profit on social media. Still, who wouldn’t want a mom who takes them skiing or swimming or on nice vacations? Often, TLC fans see that Ember loves her ride-on pony. Plus, she enjoys time at their cabin in the woods. Always dressed in her favorite frocks and boots, the little school-going kid often radiates her happiness with huge smiles.

Despite the fact that Audrey now raises three kids, Little People Big World fans see that she always makes time for her daughter. Anyone who raises children worries about the oldest child who might slip into the background. After all, it is natural to focus on newborns and toddlers with high parenting demands. So, fans often see that Audrey, who seems very athletic, gets out with her daughter and teachers her things like swimming and skiing.

Little People Big World – Ember Roloff Learns Water Sports

At the moment, Ember Roloff and her siblings enjoy a summer vacation. So, fans saw that she rode on a board being towed behind a boat. Notably, she already learned how to swim. Furthermore, all the kids wore life jackets. When fans saw the clip a few days ago, many of them commented. One of them said, “Yesss! Wake surfing is the best! Looking strong 💪🏼.” Additionally, Grandma Amy Roloff chipped in by saying, “Way to go Ember. So proud of her.” Later, Audrey took to her Instagram Stories and revealed that she taught Ember how to paddleboard.

Little People Big World Ember Roloff LIves The best Life Paddleboarding and More
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans who follow Jermey and his wife know that they currently vacation at their cabin near Bend in Oregon. Actually, Jeremy came across it when they searched for their own farm. Not that they plan on keeping it solely for their private use. At the time, Audrey told LPBW fans that she plans to market it as a rental for holidaymakers. For some time now, Jeremy has been working on projects to renovate and improve the original little hideaway.

Bode, Radley, And Their Sister Seem To Live The Best Life

Little People Big World fans heard that Audrey and Jermey finally found their own farm, so Bode, Radley, and Ember Roloff now live their parents’ dream. The couple always dreamed of operating their own farm so the kids could enjoy a rural lifestyle. Now, they will grow up in a place that many folks would love to experience for themselves.

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