LPBW Star Tori Shares Jackson Being Cute As He Reaches New Milestones

Jackson Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) updates and spoilers revealed that young Jackson, Tori Roloff’s firstborn child meets a lot of milestones. Actually, he lost none of the cuteness that captivated  TLC fans since his arrival nearly five years ago. So, she shared one of those heart-melting moments this week. Plus, she revealed that her son hit an important milestone this week. What is Jackson, AKA Baby J up to now? Read on to find out.

LPBW – Jackson Roloff Will Soon Welcome Another Sibling

When baby Lilah arrived, TLC fans wondered how Jackson would take to having a sibling. Well, he seems to have handled the changes very well, and lost none of his charms. TLC fans still adore the child that they saw crawling, toddling, running, and exploring his world on the farm in Oregon. These days, he lives with his sister and his mom and dad in Washington. There, he gets to explore with his dad and the dog, Murphy. Recently, Tori shared a photo of him that made hearts melt all over again. Well, this weekend, more touching scenes arrived.

LPBW fans love it that Jackson fell in love with chickens. Recall, he first fell in love with one of Caryn Chandler’s chickens named Teeter. Now that Zach built a chicken house in Washington, he sweetly showed his little sister some adorable babies. well, very soon, Jackson will welcome another child into his life, and fans expect to see many more melting moments. Despite raising two children nowadays, Tori still finds the time to update fans about Jackson, and this weekend he reached a new milestone that made her very happy.

LPBW – A New Milestone For Jackson

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Saturday, March 19, Tori revealed Jackson reading a storybook. In the clip, he carefully spelled out the word before triumphantly saying the words. In her caption, Tori said that he did have a bit of “practice,” but she’s very  “proud” of her son. Additionally, she noted, “he’s so excited to read, and on the brink of taking off with it.” Well, fans know that Tori’s a teacher by profession, so she probably helps him to learn. Nex, she revealed her son cuddling next to her baby bump, and said “I could cry.”

LPBW Star Tori Shares Jackson Being Cute As He Reaches New Mielestones

Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Perhaps the LPBW boy could feel his new sibling moving around inside his mom. The TLC star expects her third child in the spring, which is not all that far away now. Naturally, fans can’t wait for the baby to arrive, especially as it will be Tori’s rainbow baby. Already, fans try and guess at the gender of the child. However, Zach and his wife opted for the gender to be a surprise, so at the moment, she shops for gender-neutral clothing.

Jackson And Lilah Are So Cute, Fans Agree

When LPBW fans met Lilah, they were all firm supporters of little Jackson. Well,  it didn’t take long for the sweet baby girl to win the hearts of fans as well. Another baby will bring much more baby fever for TLC fans. And, they can’t wait to see more milestones and cuteness overload clips from Tori Roloff.

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