My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Asks Fans For Help With Her Mom

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Way Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) star Whitney Way Thore took to her Instagram this week and asked fans to help her out with her mom. Hold your horses though. Before you worry there’s something wrong with Babs, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that the TLC star wants to do something nice for her. Actually, lately, she shared a lot of photos of her mom from back in the day, so she’s on the mind of her daughter this festive season.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Way Thore Very Active

This month, the TLC star has been full of life and good humor on her social media. In fact, she seems more active since the last season ended. At one stage, she shared that she feels very happy with her current French tutor, the love of her life. She shared some amusing posts and chuckled over fans who sent in their secret confessions. Plus, she shared some throwback photos of her mom, Babs. Actually, she quite often does that, and she clearly loves her very much.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans also love the mom of Whitney Way Thore. Back in June this year, Whitney reminded her TLC fans that her mom suffered from a stroke. It came on the occasion of Babs’ birthday. The stroke happened in 2017, but fortunately, it wasn’t too bad. So, she was able to watch the premiere episode of the show that season. For her birthday, Whitney asked her fans to comment on their favorite moments of Babs on the show. She said that she planned on reading them to her mom.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Asks Fans For Help With Her Mom
Image via Whitney Way Thore / Instagram


My Big Fat Fabulous Life Asks For Help For Babs

Whitney Way Thore again asked her Instagram fans on December 29, for people to comment on their favorite Babs’ moments. Her caption read, “I love knowing how much my mother is loved! Please tell me your favorite moment of my mom or what you love most about her! I’m going to read them to her as a late Christmas gift 🎁. Fortunately, fans took it with the spirit of the season, and trolls stayed off the comments section.

Plenty of My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans rallied to the cause and commented on the good memories. Here’s a small sample of the best moments that TLC fans recall:

When she sd oh he can rub on me all day long, talking about the Dr. 😂😂

Definitely when she wore her pantyhose to water aerobics! 😂😂😂 Bless her beautiful heart!

I love the way she loves your dad. Forever love.

Her reaction to your reaction about her first marriage!

When you both had the food fight in the kitchen🎄❤️🎁.”



TLC Fans Adore Babs On The Show

Screenrant opined that My Big Fat Fabulous Life “would not be half as good if Babs and Glenn weren’t on it. The sage and wise mother always gives her two cents for free, and usually, her advice is spot on.” Well, Whitney Way Thore often seems worried about her parents who grow elderly. So, fans naturally hope that their recollections of their favorite moments, keep Babs smiling this holiday season.

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