Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Zach Tinker Goes Viral With Sexy Shirtless Pic and Cute Video!

Days Of Our Lives: Zach Tinker

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease that star Zach Tinker definitely knows how to light up our lives! As a result, Zach has earned a loyal Twitter following. And the DOOL star just posted some of his most viral tweets yet. 

Seeking to see the sexy side of Sonny? Zach provided just that with a shirtless pic on Twitter. But why stop there? The Days Of Our Lives star got us cooing “Awwww” over some too-cute kitten videos! Get ready to gaze on all Zach’s Twitter glorious offerings below. 

Zach Tinker Delights Days Of Our Lives Fans On Twitter With Kitten

Days Of Our Lives star Zach Tinker played Sonny on the DOOL spin-off limited series, “Beyond Salem.” And now Tinker will reprise his role on the new original holiday movie, “Days Of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas.” Recently, Zach shared with Soaps that he looks forward to celebrating the winter holidays with his family in Los Angeles.

But as the actor’s Twitter reveals, Tinker also has decided to celebrate by charming social media! First, the actor posted a photo of a very cute, extremely tiny gray kitten. We’re betting more than one fan envied the kitty’s closeness to Zach, who exchanged chin rubs with his furry cutie.

But a photo didn’t do enough justice to just how much Tinker adores that baby cat. So Zach shared a confession: The actor eats dinner with a kitten companion tucked in his hoodie! “Dinner is always nice with this one,” wrote the DOOL star to accompany the precious video. Worth noting: Both kitty and man look quite content with the dinner arrangement.

Days of Our Lives fans responded with love for Zach and his kitten companion. “Oh my gosh, you and that kitty are majorly adorable. So huggable right now!!” gushed one fan. And another commented, “Didn’t think we could love you more but you proved us wrong.” But one Twitter follower carefully selected the appropriate adjectives for man versus cat. “He is so adorable. I’m talking about the kitten. Zach is very handsome.”

Zach Tinker Follows Up Twitter Kitten Video With Sexy Shirtless Pose

Like the theory that “less is more”? So does Days Of Our Lives star Zach Tinker. And the actor demonstrated it by tweeting a short morning greeting. But that accompanying photo takes the “less is more” principle to new levels! Apparently Zach feels that fewer clothes mean a better photo. And his fans definitely agreed. 

“Good morning. Say it back,” Zach invited his Twitter followers. In the photo, the Days of Our Lives star apparently forgot to button his shirt (yeah, right). As a result, fans got a nice vision of his six-pack abs and muscular chest.

And while they loved the kitten, the DOOL actor’s Twitter followers clearly adored that sexy shirtless pose even more. “It’s a damn good morning now,” responded one Twitter fan. “Goodness gracious good morning, great morning!” gushed another. (We’ll skip the NSFW responses. but there were plenty!). 

So tell us what you thought about Zach’s kitten video and shirtless pose? Did the kitten win your heart? Or do you long for more sightings of Sonny’s sexy side? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the Days Of Our Lives news!

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