90 Day Fiance Alum Lisa Hamme Asks For Positive Vibes For Grandchild

Lisa Hamme Instagram

90 Day Fiance alum Lisa Hamme dated much younger Nigerian singer, Usman a.k.a Usman. However, she became so jealous of the various women who hung about her man, that they fought constantly. So, eventually, she yelled and lost it and unfortunately, used the N-word on him. That emerged at the Tell-All for Before The 90 Days. Well, that saw the end of her, but at least she got her feelings off her chest before she left TLC. Nowadays, she’s much happier, and she expects a new grandchild. So, she asked for prayers, as the baby seems a bit early.

90 Day Fiance – Lisa Hamme Marries Usman Moves On

While Lisa never returned to the show, Usman was cast in Before The 90 Days, Season 5. He moved on from Lisa quickly, and sure enough, it was a female fan who connected with him. Perhaps Lisa was right to suspect he got too close to his female admirers. This time, he hooked up with another older woman named Kim. Anyway, he invited 50-year-old Kim across to Nigeria, and that all looks way too familiar. The show premieres on December 12.

Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance alum Lisa put it all behind her and married someone else. In April this year, Lisa told her fans on Instagram that the man she married is an old friend. Her Instagram post caption said, “Married my best friend April 22, 2021!!!!” Nowadays, she goes by the name of Mrs. Robinson. She seems happily settled these days and apparently shows no hankering to return to Africa. Actually, that must be a relief for her family. Now, her family’s about to expand a bit more.

90 Day Fiance Alum Asks For Good Vibes – Early Grandchild

Taking to her Instagram on Friday night, Lisa asked her fans for prayer. She explained in her caption, “@pyper_young if everyone could send positive vibes she was admitted to start inducing her! Seems like little baby Parker wants to come in early!! Love you my beautiful daughter you got this ❤️❤️❤️.” Lisa might have upset folks when she cussed Usman. But, she still has a lot of TLC followers. So, they said they would send in their prayers. 

90 Day Fiance Lisa Hamme Prayers Grandchild

Plenty of 90 Day Fiance fans commented: Here’s a small sample of what they said to Lisa:

Sending positive vibes and a safe and easy delivery.

Sending love to you all. My daughter is 40 weeks and little baby boy Grey does not want to come so she starts induction procedures this week

Prayers for mom and baby. She looks just like you Lisa ❤️

Sending an abundance of 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. The world is ready for you baby Parker. 💙

No News Of Baby’s Arrival Yet

Since the 90 Day fiance alum posted about the induced birth, oi more news came about her grandchild. Hopefully, as soon as the little one arrives, she gives her TLC fans more updates. Lisa actually seems very good about that sort of thing.

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