Little People Big World Spoilers: Isabel Roloff And Buying The Farm

Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff

Little People Big World spoilers and updates tease that Isabel Roloff has been fielding questions about her and her husband, Jacob Roloff, buying the Roloff Farm. One of her fans asked her on Instagram if she and her husband, Jacob were ever going to try and buy the Roloff Farm from his father, Matt Roloff. She gave quite a cheeky reply.

Little People Big World Spoilers – The News With Jacob And Isabel Roloff

If you know anything about Jacob and Isabel, you know that they are not like any of the other Roloffs in the family. They are pretty liberal and took themselves off of the show as soon as they could. They wanted to be out of the spotlight and after Jacob came out about being molested while he was on the show, it is clear why they no longer wish to be on television.

When asked about the farm, Isabel didn’t really answer in the way her fans thought that she would. The fans asked, “Are you and Jacob buying half of the farm? You seem to be there a lot.” The answer she gave was unexpected. She came back with, “I also go to the Thai place down the street a lot but have no plans purchasing it.”

Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – Time On The Farm

Even though Jacob and Isabel have been on the farm lately, it doesn’t seem like they are in any hurry to buy it or even half of it. They love to help out during pumpkin season and enjoy seeing all of the guests and spending time with their families.

As of right now, Matt is the owner of the farm since Amy Roloff sold her half to him when they divorced. Zach and Tori Roloff have also talked about how they would like to buy it too, but they haven’t put an offer in or anything like that. There has also been talked that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff want to buy it, but these are all rumors for now.

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