Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Announces Her First Pregnancy

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Pandora Vanderpump Sabo and her husband Jason announced the exciting news that they will, soon be parents to their first baby. Of course, that makes long-time Bravo star Lisa, a grandma. Vanderpump Rules cast members seemed to pop out babies left right and center this year. However this one’s special as it’s close to home. Lisa already revealed what her grandbaby will call her. 

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Makes For Another Celeb Pregnancy

2020 and part of 2021 might be the worst years on record for morale and happiness. However, life goes on and now Lisa’s daughter joins the celebrity lineup of new moms or new moms-to-be. Of course, the news means that Ken Todd and Lisa become grandparents for the first time! When the news came via Pandora’s Instagram, her mom shared similar photos but didn’t spoil her daughter’s news on her own Instagram.

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo shared that the news came as an announcement at the 5th annual World Dog Day event. Actually, it’s exciting news for Bravo fans who love Vanderpumo Rules. After all, Jax Taylor and Brittany welcomed their delightful son, Cruz. Plus, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett welcomed their baby, Ocean. Stassi Schroeder also produced a child.

Lisa’s Daughter Pandora Vanderpump Sabo And Her Baby News

On her Instagram, Lisa’s daughter explained, “It made our @VanderpumpDogs World Dog Day even more special to finally announce our news that Jason and I are having a baby! We are thrilled and very excited! It’s the first time we’ve been out in public in a longgg time so it was the perfect place to share the news!” Naturally, a lot of congratulations went their way. 

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Announces Her First Pregnancy

Fans of Pandora Vanderpump Sabo posted some sweet comments on the post. One of them said, “Ahhh congratulations Pandora!!! So happy for you and Jason!!!” Then another fan wrote, “Congratulations Pandora !!!!! Sooo thrilled for you and your family !!!! 👶🏻🍼💖.” Give the difficulties of the last year and a half, one follower noted, “[This] is such a blessing in these times, and I couldn’t be happier for you two!

Pandora Vanderpump Sabo

What Will The Baby Call Grandma?

The Daily Mail reported that Lisa spoke with them on the red carpet. She revealed, “Ken and I are overjoyed and are so happy for Pandora and Jason.” Next, she talked about how they knew about it but kept it secret. She noted, “It’s such wonderful news and has been such a difficult secret to keep.” However, she didn’t reveal the gender of the baby which comes along sometime in winter. 

Well, Lisa already decided what baby boy or girl will call her. She told the outlet that she likes the sound of “Nanny Pinky,”

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about the first pregnancy for Lisa’s daughter, Pandora Vanderpump Sabo.

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