Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff Talks Dad’s REACTION To News

Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates tease that fans heard that Isabel Roloff fell pregnant and she and Jacob are over the moon. While the baby arrives in December, she already envisages the things her son will do. Plus, she talked about how her dad reacted to the news. Bear in mind, they didn’t always get along well. 

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Isabel Roloff And Her New Baby

Isabel seems to take good care of herself these days, since a health scare last year. TLC fans heard that Jacob’s wife suffered from a burst ovarian cyst. That caused a lot of pain, and possibly some complications. However, she and Jacob took care of her health and she ended up pregnant. Her announcement came last week. Naturally, they are very excited and they expect a baby boy!

Little People, Big World fans don’t see the couple on the TLC show these days, but they have a lot of fans who like them. As rumors started floating around about her pregnancy, some fans started checking her posts closely for evidence. Well, she did look like she put on a bit of weight, which is normal. Other indications came when she started sharing random photos of mothers and babies. 

Little People, Big World Updates – Isabel Roloff And Her Dad

A few months ago, Isabel said how she and her dad didn’t get along for ages. On July 29, she mentioned that again. Taking to her Instagram, she talked about how her dad reacted to her baby news. Additionally, she talked about the future when she and her son might start exploring the world. It came along with a photo of her dad standing with his arm around her.

Little People Big World Isabel Roloff Talks Dad's Reaction - Baby News

Little People, Big World fan saw that her caption was quite detailed. Firstly, she said, “yesterday I went to my papa’s house for lunch. We sat on the deck of my childhood home. The play structure that once sat in the yard is gone. Some new trees planted, some old have fallen from the storms. Life looks a lot different than it once did.” Next, she moved on and talked about the day that will come when her own child goes there. Plus she’ll tell him stories of her childhood. 

Mended Fences

Jacob’s wife also said, “I have talked about my papa and I…candidly before. It was never perfect. We went years without speaking. But to see him light up when he talks about his grandson, that gives life to my inner child.

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