Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Will Ava Vitale Bring Eric Brady Back To Salem?

Days Of Our Lives: Ava Vitale (Tamara Braun)

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease that Nicole Brady (Arianna Zucker) has been lost ever since her husband, Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) left Salem right after their wedding to resume his missionary work. In a moment of weakness, Nicole slept with Xander Cook (Paul Tefler). But she is also very attracted to Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). Rafe is currently living with Ava Vitale (Tamara Braun), who is Nicole’s good friend. Wanting to help Nicole get her life back while also preserving her relationship with Rafe, look for Ava to take matters into her own hands.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Ava Vitale Is A Former Mob Princess!

One shouldn’t forget that Ava belongs to a mob family. She has turned away from that life, but when she begins to notice that Nicole and Rafe seem to have an attraction, she may be tempted to embrace her criminal lifestyle in order to get Nicole out of the way. But there is a simpler option, one that may not include violence or losing her friendship with Nicole. Perhaps under the guise of trying to do something nice for Nicole, Ava will instead reach out to Eric. But that may not be an easy feat.

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Eric Brady Is Currently Foing Missionary Work Out Of The Country!

One of the reasons Nicole is having such a hard time dealing with Eric’s absence is that it isn’t always easy to reach him. Eric is in a remote part of the world and communication isn’t always an easy feat. It’s been really difficult for Nicole, not even being able to talk with her brand new husband. But Ava may have resources that Nicole doesn’t, so even though it won’t be easy, she might be able to reach Eric when Nicole can’t. But how will Ava convince Eric to come back? She won’t want to blow up Nicole’s marriage by mentioning her affair with Xander, but it may be enough just for Ava to say that Nicole is really missing her husband. She might even arrange the transportation to make sure Eric arrives.

Days Of Our Lives: Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn)

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Nicole Brady Will Be Overjoyed To See Her Husband Again After All This Time!

While she may be suspicious of Ava’s motives, Nicole will still be overjoyed that her husband is finally back. But what will happen should Eric find out about Nicole’s infidelity with Xander? This whole thing could blow up in Ava’s face because a devastated Nicole might end up turning to Rafe. If so, look for Ava’s mafia side to come roaring back. Nicole and Rafe could find themselves in grave danger!

Days Of Our Lives Updates – What do you think?

Will Ava manage to bring Eric back to Salem to keep Nicole away from Rafe? But will Eric find out about Nicole’s affair with Xander? Could Rafe and Nicole end up together anyway? And what would Ava do then? Sometimes even the best intentions blow up in Salem so stay tuned to Days of Our Lives airing weekdays on NBC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your Days of Our Lives news, information, and spoilers!