Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Seems Upset With Truely In Car Confessions

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Christine Brown often used to post her Car Confessions on her main Instagram account. However, she stopped doing them for a while. Nevertheless, she’s back at it again and nowadays, Kody’s third wife shares them on her Instagram Stories. Short and to the point, sometimes she lets out the way she feels in the privacy of her car. On May 15, she sounded genuinely upset with her daughter Truely.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Mentions A Lost Cat In Her Car Confessions

Earlier this month, the Sister Wives star posted up a photo that revealed Truely down on the floor next to her cat Zelda. She told her TLC fans that the cat went missing for a few days, but she returned. So, everyone felt relieved, especially her daughter, Truely. The furry friend enjoyed a nice feed when it came home. Well, the cat apparently can’t get enough of her daughter.

Christine Brown said in her car confession on Saturday, that Zelda sits outside the door of Truely’s bedroom for hours. The cat just wants her to get out of bed and play with her. Actually, her mom also waits for her daughter to get up so they can mess about together and chat and play a bit. However, these days, the Sister Wives star confessed, Truely’s got little time for either her or Zelda the cat.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Truely’s Got Things To Do And Places To Go

In her Car Confession, Christine Brown seemed whistful a little sad and it showed in her face. She explained that busy Truely just has things to do and places to go, so “bye.” Awww, it certainly sounds like her little girl is growing up and wants more than just playing with mom or her little half-sister by Robyn, or her cat.

Actually, the youngest daughter of Christine Brown suddenly seems very grown up in 2021. In early May, her mom shared a photo of her daughter outside at a fountain and many TLC fans agreed she looked older. Of course, when they see the TV show, Sister Wives fans always have a problem aligning the show with real-time. after all, it’s aired retrospectively.

Sister Wives Updates – Growing Up So Fast

When the post at the fountain came out, TLC fans commented on how they confused her with her sister Ysabel. Tall and blonde, she can’t be confused with a tiny little kid anymore. Certainly, it sounds like her mom Christine might have some difficulty letting go of her sweet little girl who rapidly heads into her teens. TLC fans can’t get over the fact that she recently turned 11 years old. Actually, her mom probably also can’t get over how fast the time flies by.

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