OutDaughtered Spoilers: Grandma Theriot’s SHOCKING DUI Charge – Did She Go To Jail?

OutDaughtered: Michelle Theriot

Outdaughtered spoilers and updates tease that fans were shocked to hear that the grandmother of the five daughters, grandma Michelle Theriot, got arrested in October last year because she was found guilty of driving under the influence(DUI). Read on to know more about her DUI arrest.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Is Grandma Michelle To Be Removed From The Series?

In the aftermath of the news that Grandma Michelle, affectionately called Grandma MiMi, was arrested on a one-count charge of driving under the influence, fans of the TLC series were concerned if she would be part of the show going forward. When the media was awash with the news of her arrest, the first that people noticed was that her active Instagram page was deactivated immediately. Before she got arrested, Grandma MiMi posted updates about her life regularly on Instagram.

It is the guess of fans and critics alike that the move was made by the Outdaughtered family to prevent some fans from posting vicious comments on her Instagram page. To date, Grandma MiMi’s Instagram account is still not up and running.

OutDaughtered: Michelle Theriot

Fans were still not sure if the producers would still include her in episodes or leave her out entirely as a means of controlling the spiral effect her DUI arrest would have on the show. However, the producers did feature her in many episodes of season eight that premiered in early January. The gist most fans wanted to hear was not discussed in any of the episodes she starred in though. This got many fans wondering if Grandma MiMi spent any time in jail after getting arrested. Well, we have the full details now.

Did MiMi Go To Jail?

Though Grandma MiMi got arrested on a one-count charge of driving under the influence, she did not spend any time behind bars. This is based on her obedience to the orders of the court because she is a first-time offender in the city of Texas. The court orders which helped her stay out of jail say that she must participate in community service for 24hours, and agree to attend a DWI diversion program for one year.

During the one-year diversion program, she must not drink any alcoholic drinks or ingest any banned substances and must be available for any random test of her body fluids for drugs. Above all, Grandma MiMi was admonished to be of good conduct by not breaking any laws throughout the one-year program.

Once she complies with all the stimulated orders from the court, her DUI charge will be struck out and it will be nothing more than an unfortunate incident.

OutDaughered Updates – What Happened?

When police officers noticed that MiMi’s car was swerving dangerously, they asked her to pull over. The report from the police says she took her time before pulling over, and when told to step out of the car. The report went to state that Grandma MiMi sprayed perfume all over herself to hide the smell of alcohol.