Counting On Spoilers: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Share More New Photos Without Daughters

Counting On: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that for an unknown reason, Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo haven’t been sharing photos of their daughters for months now. Whenever the pair posts pictures of themselves, fans wonder where their two daughters are. So far, the couple hasn’t answered fans’ questions, which is concerning to some. Ultimately, fans hope that Felicity, 2, and Evangeline, 5 months, are okay.

Counting On Spoilers – Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Share Palm Sunday Pictures

On Palm Sunday, Jinger and Jeremy both shared new photos of themselves on social media. Jeremy’s photo appears to have been taken by someone else, while the one Jinger posted is a selfie. In their captions, they both wish fans a happy Palm Sunday.

Jinger is wearing a blue striped dress with a denim jacket. Jeremy is wearing a suit with a striped shirt underneath.

Counting On: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo

Fans think the couple looks great together. They think they look very happy together. Of course, fans notice that the girls are missing from the photos once again. In the comments section of the post, they are asking why the kids are no longer on social media.

Counting On Updates – Fans Try To figure Out What Happened To Felicity And Evangeline

In the comments sections of Jinger and Jeremy’s latest posts, fans are speculating about what could have changed when it comes to the couple sharing photos of their daughters. The last time they shared a photo of the girls and included their faces was November 2020. Since then, they have shared a few snaps of the girls, but their faces cannot be seen.

Some fans think that the couple isn’t allowed to post photos of their daughters due to an agreement with TLC. While this could be a possibility, the other Duggar grandkids frequently appear on social media. It’s not likely that the rules would only apply to one of the families.

In other comments, fans wonder if Jinger and Jeremy realized how many people saw photos of their kids online. After all, Jinger was raised in the spotlight while on her family’s shows. She may want a different life for her daughters. Others think that there could be something wrong with Felicity and Evangeline. Maybe the Counting On couple is trying to hide something.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on and why Jinger and Jeremy have stopped sharing pictures of their kids’ faces. It doesn’t look like fans will get an answer from the couple any time soon though. No matter what, fans just hope the kids are okay.