Counting On Spoilers: Will There Be Another Season?

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that rumors are flying about the new episode of Counting On. The show has been on quite a long break and fans were concerned that it wouldn’t be back. They also wanted to know why such a long break was needed.

Counting On Spoilers – No Big Announcement Made

Fans were left wondering what happened to Counting On when it suddenly took a break from the network. It didn’t air for quite some time and some fans thought that it had just been canceled suddenly. Not to worry, TLC brought it back on March 30 and fans were very happy!

It seems that TLC wanted to time the airing of the episode with Easter because there were scenes with Jessa Duggar dying eggs for the kids. We also got to see Joe and Kendra Duggar welcome their new baby, Brooklyn Praise.

Counting On: Joe and Kendra Duggar

Little Promotion

There have been a handful of fans speaking out on social media about how there hasn’t been a lot of promotion for the show this year. Generally, TLC will do a lot to boost ratings and viewership, but it doesn’t seem as if they are really trying this year. Why is that? Could Counting On be on its last leg?

One of the exciting parts of this season will show Justin Duggar getting engaged. He has already gotten married, but we will be able to see more of their courtship on the show, but we are not quite sure how much because TLC hasn’t been doing a lot of advertising for it. Fans want to see much more, but TLC continues to slow roll the show and this could mean the worst.

Counting On Updates – Mysterious Duggars

The Duggars have generally been pretty open about their lives, but this season has been different. Jed Duggar recently got engaged and some say that they will be married on Easter weekend. Rumors have been thrown around, but the Duggars are keeping it all a secret. Will we see it on the show?

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