Counting On Spoilers: Did Anna Duggar Just Confirm That She’s Pregnant With Baby Number 7?

Counting On: Anna Duggar

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that it is no news that the Duggar family are naturals at keeping secrets and they are more selective concerning what information they choose to share with the general public.

For Jim Bob’s family, they’ve always kept some of their lives private. However, news about courtships, weddings, and pregnancies always finds its way as headlines on several media outlets.

Counting On Spoilers: Flashback From Early April

Sometimes in the early days of April 2021, Jed Duggar tied the knot with Katey Nakatsu, but the news of the wedding ceremony was kept under wraps until the last minute.

Counting On Updates: Following The Duggar’s Secret Life

Now, it looks like Jana Duggar is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, and yet again, the news is shrouded in secrecy.

At the moment, fans suspect that Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, is pregnant. But the big secret is being kept away from Counting On fans.

Counting On: Anna Duggar and Family

Anna Duggar Returns!

For fans and lovers of the Counting On – reality show, we are sure it is no news that Anna and Josh are already parents to six beautiful children. And they are Mackynzie, 11, Meredith, 5, and Maryella, 1, Michael, 9, Marcus, 7, and Mason, 3.

Interestingly, for the many folks who watch the Counting On show, they’ve speculated and concluded that Anna is pregnant with her seventh child.

Viewers of the reality franchise also believe that the mother of six has gone past her first trimester.

Counting On Spoilers – Is Anna Duggar Hiding Her Baby Bump?

Normally, dismissing a pregnancy rumor wouldn’t be sort of a difficult task for any celebrity. However, for the Duggars, they believe that procreation is a woman’s sole reason for coming to earth and they’ve been keeping that family news within themselves lately. Unlike the past years, they were known for shouting all pregnancy news from the nearest rooftop, and we wonder why they have suddenly withdrawn from the general public.

Counting On Updates – Anna Duggar On Counting On In 2021

Now we know that Anna’s sudden disappearance from her social media these past months was all for a reason to conceal any form of news regarding a baby bump. Nevertheless, is still feeding her fans with daily posts. But she hasn’t been appearing in any of her Instagram uploads.

The Duggar’s Family Movie Night

Anna posted a random photo of her four kids with a caption explaining their surroundings: she wrote in her words “Wrapping up the family night with a bonfire & outdoor movie in Jana’s garden,”

Counting On Spoilers – Fans Already Making Deductions On Anna’s Recent Instagram Pictures

One of Counting On fans commented on a post while checking out Anna’s sister baby’s shower photos on Instagram “Every pic doesn’t show her bottom half.

“Pregnant,” one fan recently commented. Another person took to the comment section to say that, “Anna is pregnant, she’s wearing black and her face is puffy.”

Counting On Updates – Our Deduction

From all of the news and comments circulating offline and online media outlets, we’ve concluded that if Anna is pregnant, she would be making an announcement sometime soon. However, considering that the Duggars now have a new “need to know” policy, fans might be kept in the dark until she announces the arrival of her seventh child.