Counting On Spoilers: Jessa Seewald’s Kids Pose For A Photo Prior To Baby No. 4’s Arrival

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that Ben and Jessa Seewald’s family will be growing very soon! The newest Duggar grandbaby is on his or her way and will arrive this summer. In the meantime, Ben and Jessa are soaking up quality time with their three kids, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy.

Jessa shared a cute photo of her three kids standing together in a parking lot. They’re lined up oldest to youngest, and they are all holding hands. Somehow, Jessa was able to snap a picture of all of them smiling and looking at the camera. This couldn’t have been an easy task with three little ones. Jessa says that they are heading on a family walk. Pretty soon, they will have another new baby to go on walks with them.

Counting On Spoilers – When Is The Baby Due?

It won’t be too much longer before Ben and Jessa’s fourth child arrives. The couple hasn’t revealed Jessa’s due date, but they have said that the baby will arrive this summer. So, within the next few months, the baby should be here.

In the past, Jessa has had home births. She hasn’t shared many details about her pregnancy and her birth plans, but it’s possible that this baby will be born at home as well. She has had some scary home births though, so she might decide to have the baby at the hospital for safety reasons.

Counting On Updates – Ben And Jessa Seewald Find Out Baby’s Gender

In a YouTube video, Ben and Jessa documented their trip to the doctor for an ultrasound. While they did find out the baby’s gender, they decided to keep it a secret from fans.

In the past, Jessa and Ben have found out their babies’ genders before birth but haven’t told anyone. This time, Jessa wants to let the boys in on the secret, but she doesn’t know if they will be able to keep it. Later in the YouTube video, Jessa tells Spurgeon and Henry she’s going to find a fun way to share the baby’s gender with them. So far, it’s unclear if Jessa has told the kids the baby’s gender. It’s not likely that fans will find out before the baby is born.

It won’t be long before the new little Seewald comes into the world. For now, Ben and Jessa are enjoying their time with Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy while preparing for the baby’s arrival.

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